A child writes a letter to a dog he left at a shelter to save her from her father.

A child writes a letter to a dog he left at a shelter to save her from her father.

Dogs are man’s best friend. The reason is that these pets never let us down, no matter what. A dog is a creature that will love you more than you will ever love yourself. However, some people do not realize how lucky they are to have this animal with them. They are unaware of the devotion and loyalty of dogs.

Child leaves his dog at the shelter

This is especially true of father Andres, who, according to the little boy, was abusive towards their adorable dog, Simon. Thus, in order to stop this torture that the father inflicts on his pet, the child decided to entrust him to an orphanage. However, he did not leave them empty-handed, as the box where the animal was placed also contained a letter from a little boy about his best friend.

In this letter, Andres revealed that Simon suffered a lot because of his father, because, in addition to being beaten by his father, the animal also did not eat, which, according to him, often makes him cry. It was for this reason that he decided to place him in an orphanage. According to him, the decision he made with his mother is behind his father’s back.

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According to the revelations of the child, the latter, in particular, wanted to sell his dog, but since he did not want this to happen, Andres decided to act. In addition to this letter, Andres also left his savings at the orphanage so they could buy tortillas for Simon. He also asked us not to hit his best friend anymore, because the dog had already suffered a lot next to his dad.

His promise to his dog

Simon didn’t leave his young friend with just a box. The little boy also left him his soft toys and a blanket so he could keep warm when he got cold. In his letter, Andres also asked that Simon not be given up for adoption, because, according to him, when he is a little older, he will return to pick up his best friend from the orphanage.

When the story of a little boy and his dog was told publicly, netizens couldn’t help but be moved by the story. Indeed, many consider the gesture of the child as proof that he cares very much about his pet and does not want to lose him no matter what.

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He never forgot Simon

Several years have passed since Simon was dropped off at the orphanage, but his young master has never forgotten him and still visits him when he has the opportunity. And every time he always leaves her some money for dog food. For his part, Simon grew up to be a happy and mischievous animal. And at the request of Andres, the animal continues to live in the same shelter where the little boy left him.

In particular, Andres did not stop writing letters to his best friend, despite the years that had passed. In one of his dog notes, a little boy told Simon that he went to the vet and left him 3 euros so he could eat the tortillas.

In Andres’ last letter, given by the orphanage, the child warned Simon that he could not visit him due to the pandemic. At the time, Covid was spreading in Mexico City, the city where a little boy and his animal live. His father wouldn’t let him leave the house, from what he said.

On the other hand, Andres sent him three euros so that his dog could eat. And at the end of the letter, he asked his dog to behave before telling him that he misses him. Moved by the story of Simon and his young owner, the leaders of the shelter where the animal lives decided that the dog should not be taken to another family.

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And if one day this happens, they will make sure that the family that will adopt the dog agrees that Andres can visit his pet as much as he wants.

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