A scent for good stories – tierwelt.ch

A scent for good stories – tierwelt.ch

Best Journalist

TierWelt has a new, not quite everyday editor: Squirrel, a dog with a wolf speech. Thanks to her good sense of smell, she has a perfect nose for the latest and most exciting stories.

So far, Belka has clambered over hills and dales over impassable terrain. She was a medical dog and regularly went out looking for the injured or missing. After these often stressful years, Belka wanted a quieter job. And that is why she retrained as a journalist.

A rude writer with a nose for scandal? The animal world is simply obliged to grab it. The publisher made Belka an offer that the bitch could not refuse. Since the beginning of April, he has been working as an editor in the team of the magazine about animals and the environment.

Hard work

Particularly practical: since her craftsman Jürg Vollmer works for the trade magazine Die Grüne, he and Belka can work together in the Münchenbuchsee at Agrarmedien AG. The first working day went well, although Belka was constantly annoyed with her employees. They keep trying to distract her, pet her, or encourage her to play with her favorite soft toy, the badger. But Belka must focus on her stories! But the life of a canine journalist is exhausting.

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Belka’s good sense of smell makes her ideal for journalism: she smells a good story from afar. It’s hard to hide even hard evidence from her, especially when she uses her secret weapon: dog eyes. Thus, on the first day, Belka turns into, perhaps, the best editor that TierWelt has ever had.

To make up for this, “the most beautiful bitch in the world”, as she is jokingly called, continues to pursue her job as a medical service dog as a hobby. Sometimes she even wears her dog sled to the newsroom for reasons of nostalgia, as she herself says. So far, she likes the editorial office, but it’s great. So we don’t have to worry about her sudden escape.

What kind of work do your animals do?Does your dog show himself as a professional gardener and take the initiative in arranging the flower bed? Or has your cat received additional commercial training and holds meetings in the home office?
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