Animal Welfare: Please keep dogs on a leash in the woods and fields.

Animal Welfare: Please keep dogs on a leash in the woods and fields.

Every dog ​​owner would like his pet to frolic freely in the forest and in the meadow. Unfortunately this is not possible.

TEST VALLEY. First, most “dog teams” behave properly in nature anyway. But the unintelligent create big problems. In the habitat of numerous wild animals, true animal love should not be limited to your own four-legged friend.

Wild Animal Nursery

“Especially at this time of the year, many wild animals carry or give birth to their young,” explains district head hunter Carl Wehrer. “Deer, for example, are often found very close to the paths. And in every domestic dog – even if the owner himself does not want to believe it – the hunting and prey instinct awakens.
He also notes: “Dog owners should consider that they are also liable for consequential damage, for example, if driven game crashes into a car.”

Legal situation

According to the district authorities, a leash in the forest or in open spaces outside the local area is not required. BUT: “According to the provisions of the Lower Austrian Dog Keeping Law, dog owners are obliged to lead and maintain the dog in such a way that people and animals are not endangered or unreasonably disturbed.” For the above reasons, walking in the forest without a leash is unlikely to succeed. Dog tears usually pass without witnesses. In 2021, there were only two administrative proceedings on the fact of killing deer by dogs. The number of unreported cases is huge. There have already been three treatments for free-roaming dogs in the forest this year, the same number last year and eight in 2020. Dog schools such as the ELA Dogs Club from Berndorf which has the “Golden Rules for Walking the Dogs”. ready, also appeal to the common sense of dog owners.

“We are visiting nature”

an important message from head coach Martina Krumai: “Game is always a priority, and the forest is also for people without dogs.” Walking with your four-legged companion is a pleasure with the right guidance, even without the binge. “Dogs with a strong hunting instinct should always be on a leash. This gives the dog a certain freedom and at the same time it is under tight control,” says an experienced trainer.

Another option for ELA Dogs is a matching muzzle: “It also takes the fear out of the people who meet them. And it protects the dog itself from uncontrolled eating of things that can be dangerous for it.”

Have you ever had dangerous situations with stray dogs?

The forest is not a place for dogs to run freely.


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