Bottrop dog groomer: demand has increased significantly

Bottrop dog groomer: demand has increased significantly

Dog hairdressers like Rebecca Herrmann hardly sign new clients. The demand in Bottrop is huge. Visit the Million Dollar Dog.

Rebecca Herrmann is an expert in all types of leather. She has been running a dog salon for a year.”Million dollar dogs“On the Essenerstrasse. She can’t complain about too few orders. The schedule is tight, the queue is long. From conversations with other operators Dog grooming salons outside Bottrop and neighboring cities, she knows that the same thing happens to them.

She counts up to ten calls a day from new clients asking for a meeting. Apparently dog ​​breeders are not enough. Demand can hardly be met. Most of them change careers. Rebecca Herrmann first trained as a veterinary assistant. Therefore, some affinity to animals was already present. Then she retrained, continued her education and, finally, became self-employed. She would like the dog groomer to become an apprentice.

Dog hairdresser in Bottrop is overcrowded: more pets after Corona

There is another reason for the increase in the number of customers. Statistics show that more people are getting pets during a pandemic. Rebecca Herrmann is feeling a doggy boom in her salon. In January, she made a decision that hurt her personally. “I’m not taking on new clients anymore,” she says. She has to turn down requests over the phone. “It’s difficult and difficult,” her reason sounds understandable. “I want to ensure that my regular clients always make an appointment.”

She grooms the dogs for eight to ten hours on opening days. There is practically no time for your own break. She no longer wants to take orders, including for the benefit of animals. No wonder a dog is called man’s best friend. Rebecca Herrmann is convinced that during treatment the animal will experience too much stress.

“If dogs are not cared for, they get parasites or skin diseases.”

Her regular customer is Rocky. An almost one year old Australian Labradoodle visits her regularly. His owner takes him to the salon every six weeks. His brown shiny coat again needs careful care. First, they bathe him. The hairdresser has different shampoos for this, each of which is selected taking into account the condition of the coat and skin of dogs. “Rocky has a complex coat. It tangles quickly if not combed intensively and regularly every two days,” says the Bottrop native.

His mistress cherishes and takes care of him with great love. The hairdresser sees it right away. Thanks to this care, work becomes much more pleasant for them. “If dogs are not taken care of, they get parasites or skin diseases.” She bathes all dogs before grooming. Herrmann says, “A haircut is only as good as the preparation.” She also pays attention to the teeth, ears, claws and skin.

Bottrop dog groomer runs a full program including “paw grooming”

Rocky finishes courting in less than an hour. Now it’s his fur. He happily wags his tail in anticipation of hooking. Rebecca Herrmann calls it the “plush look”. Rocky stands almost continuously on the lift platform for the next 60 minutes. This device is very helpful for the hairdresser and is meant to prevent back pain considering she also takes care of dogs weighing 30kg or more.

First, a dog clipper is used. The shaving head cuts fur roughly, not finely. The hairdresser gently runs the clipper over your back and takes each front and back leg in his hands. The first balls of fur fall onto the lifting platform. Then sounds are heard, as if someone snaps their fingers loudly every few seconds. Rebecca Herrmann trims Rocky’s claws and removes excess hair there – almost a paw print.

Rocky at the hairdresser: he really likes the visit

After the machine, the fur is finely polished with scissors. Let’s continue with the tail. She is especially careful on the stomach and at the junction of the knees, because the skin in this area is very soft. For the legs, among other things, she uses model scissors with different teeth. Unlike ordinary scissors, not all hair is cut during a haircut. Ultimately, this creates a finer cutting pattern. The hairdresser knows: “Keeping concentration is exhausting for dogs.”

Rocky is still very disciplined and calm, his head is the last line. He even closes his eyes exemplarily. It seems that he really enjoys visiting the hairdresser. Finally, as a final step, Rebecca Herrmann uses a comb and scissors to perfectly expose her beautiful face.

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