Breeding cockroaches: breeding is so easy

To breed cockroaches, you need to know the right tricks and tricks to make the process a success. Raising cockroaches makes sense as you can use them as food for pets like geckos.

Breeding cockroaches – preparation

In order to breed cockroaches at home, first of all, they need a suitable home. However, this is rapidly building.

  • A large plastic box, for example, would be a good home for your cockroaches. As an option for ventilation, either a metal grill or a mosquito net should be installed. It is important to solder or glue this firmly, otherwise cockroaches will be all over the house. You can also buy boxes in the form of a finished case.
  • To make your cockroaches feel comfortable, you need to properly equip the aviary. Hiding option, such as toilet paper rolls. Newspaper or egg cartons that you chop up are ideal for cockroaches.
  • You will need a small feeder to feed the cockroaches. This should be as rough as possible so that the cockroaches can get to the food. You can feed cockroaches, for example, dog food, oatmeal, and leaves or fresh plants.
  • To get your cockroaches drunk, you need to craft a potion. The best way to provide consistent and hygienic care for your animals is with a wick drinker. To do this, take a small plastic container with a lid and cut a hole in it. Pass a piece of fabric through this hole. Then fill the container with water. The cloth that is the wick should now also get wet.
  • The house is now complete and can be placed in a warm room with natural light.

This is how you bring life to your home

After all preparations are made, only cockroaches remain. Since cockroaches are more difficult to find in nature, it is best to buy them in stores.

  • Cockroaches are available at many pet food stores, online, or garden centers with a pet section. You then place these animals in your makeshift enclosure. Be careful that none of the animals escape.
  • Now it remains to wait until the animals mate. At this time, do not forget to feed the animals regularly and change the wick of the drinker regularly,
  • After about 4-7 weeks, cubs are born. You do not need to separate them from adult animals. They are fully grown in about 5 months. To speed up development, you need to move the cockroaches to a warmer place, but not higher than 30 degrees.
  • In order for your animals to live well, you need to clean the aviary regularly. That’s why it’s worth having a second breeding aquarium in stock, in which you can then just settle the cockroaches.
  • If you want to control reproduction, you should separate the animals by sex.

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