Come meet your pet!  Adoption Day in Waskeala

Come meet your pet! Adoption Day in Waskeala

The Horror Nursery was discovered in Vavrin (Nord) on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.  An impressive number of gendarmes, as well as veterinarians and associations, helped 122 dogs and five cats.
Come and meet your future companion: on June 25, 2022, Vaskeala will host adoption day. (©Illustration/Adobe Stock)

This is more than an important meeting for our little companions who have already experienced the ordeal of failure. Animal Protection League in northern France (LPA-NF) organizes for the second time its adoption day, Saturday, 25 June. From 14:00 to 17:00 the public is invited to meet all the charming boarders at the Dehaudt farm in Waskeal. Belonging dogsbelonging catsbut also new pets (known as “NPCs” such as rabbits, ferrets, birds, etc.) are waiting for their future owners.

All animals are spayed, vaccinated and identified

LPA-NF specifies that cats and NPCs can be adopted on the same day. For the dog, it will be necessary to agree on a second meeting at the shelter, and you can get to know the animal on June 25, while walking through the surrounding green spaces.

The structure asks in exchange for adoption a small financial contribution to cover the costs incurred: all animals are really sterilized, vaccinated and identified. She reminds that adoption must always be responsible and thoughtful, so she reserves the right to refuse an adoption request.

Finally, this afternoon will also be an opportunity for those who wish to become a host family and/or volunteer. There are never too many animal care staff.

Adoption day, Saturday, June 25, from 14:00 to 17:00 at Deo farm, impas du Trieste, in Vasqueal. More information at

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