Comment: Need new ideas to deal with dangerous dogs | – News

Comment: Need new ideas to deal with dangerous dogs | – News

Status: 06/11/2022 08:40

Are some dogs inherently dangerous? And do we need stricter laws for such animals? After a brutal attack on a two-year-old child in Hamburg-Rahlstedt, the issue has once again been the subject of heated debate. Frauke Reinig says in a commentary to the newspaper “Hamburg”: “Blind activism is useless here.

Frauke Reinig

“We need stricter laws not for dogs, but for owners.” So said one of the NDR listeners when we asked the people of Hamburg about this topic. He is right. Blame the anti-social behavior of dogs – and nothing less than such a mass attack – on those who train and socialize their dogs. However, it is also undeniable that some breeds can cause significantly more harm than others in unskilled hands. That’s why Hamburg after the fatal A bite attack on a six-year-old Volcano over 20 years ago severely restricted the keeping of some breeds.

Animal Welfare Association: “The other end of the leash is critical”

So-called registered dogs, i.e. bull terriers and company, can also be loyal, loving family dogs that are considered dangerous and do no harm to a fly. If properly socialized. It always depends on “the other end of the line,” says the Hamburg Animal Welfare Association, which rejects the ban on certain breeds.

The current Hamburg regulation is ineffective

All dog owners here in the city know how much, or rather how little, the current Hamburg rules actually achieve. What looks like a so-called listed dog is most likely listed as a mixed breed. Or tell friends or relatives in another federal state about it. So it was with Rocky, who has since been euthanized who seriously injured a two-year-old child in Rahlstedt on the day of Pentecost.

Only ten dog handlers in all of Hamburg.

The probability of being tested in Hamburg is negligible. For every 60,000 dog owners with 90,000 registered dogs here in the city, there are less than ten jobs in the canine service. The vast majority of dog attacks take place in the home and come from dogs that know their victims. So do we need more control? Mandatory “dog license”? Are all dogs well trained and completely harmless? Probably not.

The round table is long overdue

But there are more and more dogs in Hamburg. And it’s time for new ideas and solutions for a better coexistence between humans and animals in the city The CDU calls for a dog-themed roundtable in Hamburg – which should be attended not only by politicians, but also by experts. This is more than belated, and not only because of the presence of potentially dangerous dogs in the city.

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The American Staffordshire Terrier wears a muzzle.  Photo: Wolfram Steinberg

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