Dangerous fight, good ending: the owner saved the dogs from kangaroos

Dangerous fight, good ending: the owner saved the dogs from kangaroos

When Cliff Dess walked out of his house on Tuesday morning, he saw a bull kangaroo trying to attack his dogs. To drive the bull away, he cautiously approached. But instead of running away, the kangaroo engaged the Australian. In an interview, he said: “I was a good 30-40 meters away from him, but he stood on his tail and hind legs, raised his claws and began to make grunting sounds.” The brave Australian grabbed a stick during the fight to protect himself and prevent the animal from scratching his face. The terrifying fight lasted several minutes until Dess knocked the kangaroo to the ground to subdue it. In a fight with animals, Cliff injured his back and received a series of scratches and bites. Nevertheless, the Australian is glad that the kangaroo attacked him, and not someone else: “A lot of old people pass by and a lot of women with children and strollers. It could be worse. It could be one of them.”

In the video above, you can see Australian Cliff Dess fighting an aggressive kangaroo bull!

Survivor in the attic

The Brazilian de Almeida family has missed their tortoise Manuela for 30 years. After she was nowhere to be found in 1982, the family suspected that Manuela had fled. Since work was being done in the house at that time, the front door was always open. The whole family assumed that the turtle had disappeared into the nearby forest. Despite an extensive search, Manuela went missing. The loss of the tortoise hit Lenita de Almeida, then eight-year-old daughter, especially hard. Because the little turtle belonged to her. In 2013, the family cleared out the attic and made an amazing discovery: Manuela, the missing turtle, was alive and well in a wooden box!

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