Decazeville: Dorcas, the “nanny” for pets

Decazeville: Dorcas, the “nanny” for pets

This behaviorist and dog handler offers his services at home or at home, wanting to get to know the animal well in advance.

There are too many abandoned animals in summer. On the other hand, some people don’t go on weekends or vacations because they don’t know where to keep their dogs and cats.

Dorcas Tige, who has just moved to Decazeville, is ready to solve these problems. She offers two services: looking after the dog at her home or with the owner with a visit for dogs and cats; during the day, night, weekend, week.


“A preliminary visit is required, I get to know the owner and the animal. I get to know the dog, its habits. We have a large field and a forest nearby for walking”Dorcas Teage explains.

For home care, the same starting process, know the animal where the food and bedding is in the apartment.

Then she moves regularly throughout the day to see if everything is in order, if nothing is missing.

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“A questionnaire is being filled out specifying the behavior and preferences of the animal. For example, if he is afraid of children, he will not go for a walk near the school. If agreed, an agreement on mutual obligations is signed. They ask for a deposit. Payment in installments is possible. or video. I don’t take more than four dogs at a time, so that each has its own time to play, walk, cuddle. I can offer an additional service, such as watering plants or picking up mail, Full Dorcas.

You understand, we are dealing with passionate, “I have always loved dogs”she exclaims. This home “nanny” was trained as a dog breeder and educator. She is currently preparing a training course on first aid for dogs.

She left Toulouse with her family and bought a house that once housed a grocery store, not far from the old Hotel Pontier in Fontvernay. Her husband plans to open the business in September.

Information by phone 06 48 42 82 22

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