Do you have a pet ?  Then you are more attractive!

Do you have a pet ? Then you are more attractive!

It is well known that cats and dogs make it easy to create social bonds, for example while walking Pupuce. But according to this new IFOP study, they also make flirting easier.

Iimagine the scene: you’re on Tinder and you come across a photo of a person you like, proudly posing with their pet. Are you swiping right? According the IFOP study for Vetocanis conducted in June of this year, 22% of respondents are actually more attracted to people with pets.a a proportion that even reaches 35% among 18-35 year olds!

How to explain this trend? Accompanied by a pet, it would actually be easier to find topics for conversation, as well as much more. cute ! – at the first meeting (showing a photo of your pet in this way earns you points 23% of the time) and to discuss common interests (Cookie’s nonsense and Cracotta’s litter problems). This type of bait is especially loved by 18-25 year olds, 43% of them have already used it.

This effect has been so well identified that it has witnessed the birth of a hallowed trend in dating apps: we’re talking about the “pet catching” effect. The last one is to show up with your four-legged companion in order to have more matches. And it works: a survey conducted by the dating app Bumble, broadcast by the newspaper Sendingshowed that this technique increased his chances of matching by 20%.

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In search of more compatibility, Tinder users are following this trend and posting photos of themselves with animals that don’t belong to them. This little lie allows them to have more matches, even if the truth doesn’t stay hidden for long! Indeed, according to a survey by Bumble, “pet” is often one of the first topics discussed on a date.

A pet is a (almost) guaranteed green flag

Having a pet is more than a fallback topic to fill in the gaps or a cutesy prankster, it will also send a green flag to the person across from you. Indeed, according to experts interviewed by the newspaper Sending, caring for a pet will help develop a positive, “encouraging”, “sympathetic” and “responsible” self-image – qualities that are highly sought after in romantic relationships.

Of course, drinking while chatting about your pets is not an absolute method to make sure you go on a date with a person at the end of a date. However, 17% of respondents, including 25% of those aged 18-34, believe that this played a role in establishing their relationship and they even 8% say that talking about their little wards was decisive in the birth of their couple.

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Cherry on the cake: having a small animal will reduce stress, which means less hassle over trifles. Indeed, according to a study by published vamiz, 46% of couples confirm that they have become closer since the arrival of their dog due to the organization and team cohesion needed to take care of the animal on a daily basis.but also because it allows them to spend more time together.


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