Dog in North Rhine-Westphalia celebrates birthday at home – fate unclear

Dog in North Rhine-Westphalia celebrates birthday at home – fate unclear

Dog from North Rhine-Westphalia is forced to celebrate his birthday in an animal shelter – his fate causes misunderstanding

06/11/2022 at 18:56

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dog Arco is finally able to celebrate his birthday, but unfortunately he is still waiting for his home at the orphanage.

Fate dog affects many. After all, if you look a four-legged friend in the eye, then most of them immediately fall in love.

Dog Arko celebrates his birthday, but is still stuck in the shelter

Bordeaux Mastiff Arco has been living at the Moers Animal Shelter since early March 2022. A death in the family separated him from his owners and brought him to an animal shelter.

For his 6-year-old birthday, he had to blow out the candles on a dog biscuit at an animal shelter. “How we wanted him to do this in the right home,” writes the shelter on Facebook.

Arco’s age would scare many, but the male is a loving and peaceful contemporary with great character: “Arco’s flower friend is a bit like the bull Ferdinand … and that’s exactly what he can activate,” says the animal. shelter describes it.

Dog Arko is still without a home – animal lovers are outraged

The fate of Arko is close to many. And apparently there was even an animal lover who wanted to take Arco with him. But he received a categorical refusal from the animal shelter.


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“The first thing they said was, ‘You already have two dogs, why do you need a third?'” he complains on Facebook. They say that he was detained for a while until the cancellation came. But the shelter has a very good explanation.

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“We don’t write anything anymore. We see Arco as the only dog,” argues the owner of the house. Arco knows how to behave around other dogs, but prefers to avoid their company. “This would only be an option if the dog is a beginner celebrates rest and relaxation just like Arco,” the staff continues to explain.With two other dogs in the house, it will probably be too much hustle and bustle for Arco in his old age.


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