Dog is man’s best friend

Dog is man’s best friend

Paw prints all over the apartment, a wet dog kiss in the morning and a shadow that accompanies you everywhere: dog people love their faithful four-legged friends, despite this – or maybe because of this. On June 12, we even dedicate a special day in the calendar to our dogs.

Dog and man – partnership

But how did this unusual partnership actually come about? “Thousands of years ago, dogs were certainly still a food source for humans,” says psychotherapist Alexandra Hoffmann. She specialized in dog psychology many years ago and has since been offering behavioral therapy for dogs in Germering. Over time, a partnership developed between the man and the dog: the dog helped on the hunt, the man gave him a warm place to sleep. Both today, but the status of dogs in modern society has greatly improved. Dog owners are increasingly responsive to their dogs’ needs, Hoffman says.

“Dogs are the animals that can best adapt to our lives.” That’s why, according to the behavioral therapist, it doesn’t matter if the dog lives with us on the farm or in the urban jungle. “It’s important that you slowly introduce him to the problems that await him at home.”

The right amount of time and attention

And what can I do as a dog owner to make my four-legged friend live a happy life? “The most important criterion for dog owners is time,” says Hoffmann. A puppy has different needs than a grandfather dog, but you must give the dog the right amount of time and attention throughout the years it spends with us. “Only then can a bond be established between man and dog.” Both parties win: the dog turns to his human in stressful situations, and the human learns to read and interpret his dog’s expressive behavior.

Long walks, pats on the couch or playing in the dog park – whatever makes our four-legged friends happy, they more than deserve it on Dog Day.


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