Dog lover accused of bestiality: he let his dog ride him

Dog lover accused of bestiality: he let his dog ride him

Complaint lodged in Bourges over alleged acts of bestiality (adobestock/illustration)

On Tuesday, June 7, 2022, the One Voice Association receives a wake-up call from an online whistleblower. She will trade with young man twenty years later facebookwho let “his dog ride him” and sent him several photos and videos gender of dogs on the same social network. The man lives in Center-Val-de-Loire.

“Do good” to animals

The latter would not stop there, as he would ask the whistleblower to send him photos and sex videos of his own dog, as well as himself. entrust so he can abuse it.

He would welcome private animals into his home and act like dog sitter. He claims to “benefit” German Shepherds and other large dog breeds.

In one of them, he depicts himself with a Bernese Mountain Dog, whose face is hidden behind a dog mask.

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In another, he showed his genitals as well as those of a dog during intercourse, commenting on the scene.

Upon learning of this information, the One Voice association filed a complaint with the Court Bourges (Cher) for facts bestiality. The suspect is required to be taken care of in psychiatry and cannot have a pet for life.

She also condemns the existence Forum where people would exchange pornographic photos and videos of bestial acts. A network where zoophiles of all stripes would discuss their “passion”. There will even be a section entirely in French and an advertisement for sexually suggestive toys in the shape of a dog.

50,000 zoophile videos viewed daily

This is not the first case of its kind that the association has faced. She filed a complaint six years ago after discovering bestial acts in two bitches. In the end, justice put the man in jail.

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The Animal Cross Association claims that 10,000 people view and consult animal sexual experience ad sites.

In France alone, more than 50,000 zoopornographic videos are viewed every day.

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He calls for more criminalization of sexual acts with animals, as well as viewing them.

There is a petition here about it.

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