Dog Names: These are the most popular four-legged names in Germany in 2022.

Dog Names: These are the most popular four-legged names in Germany in 2022.

Nala, Luna and Milo are among the ten most popular dog names in Germany.

Many of us are still feeling the years of the Corona pandemic: weddings to which we are invited almost every weekend. The little ones who turned the wild party girls in their circle of friends into caring mothers. And last but not least dogthat invites us for a walk every morning, whatever the weather. It’s no secret that the number of dog owners has rapidly increased for no specific reason (specific reason: dog!) after various lockdowns and travel restrictions. But whether it’s a golden retriever, a dachshund or a pug, all dogs have a name by which they are called, and at best (but not always) they obey. Although it used to be clear that the German Shepherd should be called “Bello” and the Dachshund “Herrmann”, the corona pandemic has set new rules for naming dogs. We tell you which dog names are especially popular now

10 Most Popular Dog Names in Germany

10. Emma

Emma is a dog name that has been in the top 10 dog names for several years now, according to insurance company Agila. Before us is good-natured Emma Golden retriever before – or a little girl, because the name of the girl is also in the list of female names in the top positions since 2014. Please be careful when choosing a name for your dog!

9. Amy

According to Agila, since 2018, Amy has been one of the favorites of German pet owners. We still kind of think of Amy Winehouse when we think of Amy. So if you have black giant poodle with a prominent hairstyle on top as a future pet, then Amy is the name for your four-legged friend.

8. Loki

Ha, this is new! Since 2021, Loki has become increasingly popular. Is this related to the Disney+ Marvel series of the same name? May be! In any case, practical jokes are the life work of a god from Norse mythology and the Marvel Universe. Which one of you is now the name for him wirehaired dachshund addiction: Trust us, Loki fits (for reasons) like a glove.

7. Buddy

A dog is man’s best friend. True friend. No wonder Buddy is once again the 7th most popular dog name this year. What breed of dog is suitable? Belonging Labradorthat comes when you call it!

6. Bella

Bella is beautiful. Bella Swan from Twilight. Bella, the female version of good old Bello. However, while Bello does conjure up “smart German Shepherd” associations in our minds, we’ve located his female counterpart in the canine world quite differently: irish setter– Bitch maybe? Or dalmatian-Female? In any case, one thing is for sure: the 6th most popular dog name in Germany is only occupied by bitches or very brave pet owners who name their German Shepherd male “Bella” and want to take over the watchdog lobby.

5. Milo

Number 5 on the list of the most popular dog names is a newcomer: since 2020, Milo has slowly but steadily climbed into the hearts of dog owners and is already ranked 5th among the most popular dog names. Milo sounds like a fuzzy mid-high hybrid, the good friend you love, even if he drags dirt from all over the sidewalk into the apartment for the fourth time in a day, gnaws on our favorite shoes, and then even snatches salami from our bread. Based on our own experience, we are no longer surprised that Milo can be translated as “Beloved”.

4. Frida

Last year she was 9th, and now she is almost on the podium: according to Aguila, Frida made her way up five positions. The name, which may be derived from the Old High German word “fridu”, is apparently gaining popularity. By the way, “Frida” means, you guessed it, “peaceful”. So the name is great for a family dog ​​with a calm personality, so maybe one Golden retrieverwho is known for his friendly nature.

3. Baloo

Anyone who thinks of the bear from Disney’s The Jungle Book when they hear that Baloo hasn’t been in the park for a long time, as this dog name is back at number three on the dog name charts. But what does he look like now, this Baloo who is always jumping to the side with tips and actions for the defenseless little Mowglis of this world? Of course, it can only be a livestock guard dog, i.e. fluffy and cute. collie or Pyrenean guard dog for example. He almost automatically listens to Baloo, I bet?

2. Moon

Like last year, Luna is the second favorite dog name in Germany. The advantages are obvious: the name is short, does not sound harsh due to vowels, and you can call it loudly and drawlingly if your four-legged friend is unusually far away. Who do we see on the moon? One spaniel– Checkers – like the Lady and the Tramp, only like the Moon and the Tramp.

1. Nala

I wonder what dog names would be in the top three of this list if Disney hadn’t influenced German dog owners from an early age with their cartoons. Nala is once again the undisputed number one among the most popular dog names in Germany this year. But beware: Nala was actually a cat! Simba’s best friend in The Lion King! Will cat owners put up with this? Or four-legged friends then settle among themselves? Be that as it may, when we think of Nala as a dog, we immediately think of fearless and curious. Jack Russell Terrierwho often acts faster than he can think, but that is why we have taken it deep into our hearts.

Dog names out of competition

Of course, we have a heart for animals, the author of this article especially for dogs. And, of course, our ideas about dog breeds are not to be taken seriously, but if she, the author, could choose, she would choose exactly the same in her dream world. In the mentioned world of dreams, there are primarily only two dog names: Lumpy and Fiffy. Lumpy for a curious hunting dog who is difficult to train and who thankfully prefers to hunt cake on the kitchen table rather than rabbits. And Fiffy for a dog that looks funny, kind and three sizes smaller than Lumpy. Anyway: Lumpy and Fiffy forever.


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