Elegance in dogs: the most prominent breeds

Elegance in dogs: the most prominent breeds

dogs they are the most popular and beloved pets in most homes in the country. More and more people are seeking to have these pets. One of the things they pay the most attention to is their presence, their elegance.

It’s hard to make this decision because you have to evaluate Lifestyle and the needs of the owner, regardless of whether he has children or not, whether he lives in a multi-storey building or in an apartment. In this collection we have collected breeds most attractive dogs.

The most outstanding dog breeds

  • Afghan Hound: This animal needs a lot of care, such as grooming. Them silky hair and is long and has a strong neck. His character strong, distant and confident.
  • Longhaired Scottish Shepherd: this breed is extremely Communicative and is recommended for families with children. They need a lot of attention and training, and they are also very smart.
  • Irish Setters: these animals are smart and funny. Because of his hunting instinct, he needs daily physical activity.
  • salukis: if you get him as a pet, he will feel very comfortable in your family, although this may be very shy with people you don’t know. He is attentive to the little ones in the house and they are very meticulous when it comes to food.
  • Weimaraner: it is a dog made of elegance. In the nineteenth century Weimar aristocrats They were used for hunting big game. These are dogs that need a lot of activity and require interaction with people.

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This selection does not remove all dogs be cuteAll of them have characteristics that make them unique.

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