“Eleven dogs in a hole are making my life hell” – Lower Austria

“Eleven dogs in a hole are making my life hell” – Lower Austria

Bad Fischauer is bothered by noise and smells: Because when we moved in, there were 3-4 dogs in the den, and now there are 11. And one more thing: The meeting area is also annoying.

A man from Bad Fischau is currently irritated and annoyed: a man in his 30s moved to a village near Wiener Neustadt some time ago and was initially delighted with Bad Fischau (Wiener Neustadt district). Because the market town of 3,500 inhabitants has more to offer than some of the smaller towns in Lower Austria.

“Three to Eleven Dogs”

“I moved into an apartment building with almost 20 parties. When we moved in, there were only three or four dogs, now there are only eleven dogs in the apartment complex. Not only is the noise huge, but also the dirt from four-legged friends,” explains the tenant.

In the meantime, all residents of the residential complex have been notified by circular. Noise and contamination by dogs should be avoided, free running outside the apartment is not allowed, animals must be on a leash and muzzled (see also image series).

What else bothers the neo-fisherman is the rendezvous zone: “Traffic with traffic, not enough parking spaces and chaos reigns.” In addition, there are always events or the music school just plays on Sundays. “They rehearse hard and play almost all Sunday,” reports a noise sufferer.

It was also reported that police operations were carried out again and again: “At one in the morning, some guys with boxes are sitting in the meeting room and having parties.”

Another Bad Fischauer takes things more calmly: “Of course there’s more happening now, and yes, sometimes it happens later, but that’s good.”

That’s what the mayor says

Mayor Reinhard Knobloch (Vice President) says: “Of course, life is returning to the community, and after two years of lockdown and pandemic, some citizens may have to get used to it. About parking spaces: We have more parking spaces than ever before. . And the events are very well received. There are currently no complaints to the municipal government. Another running event took place only on Saturday evening.”

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