“Everyone should make an effort…” Having a dog in the city is not always a healthy walk

“Everyone should make an effort…” Having a dog in the city is not always a healthy walk

Are the big cities taking a long time to improve dog acceptance? In any case, this feeling is shared by most of our readers. While our dogs see life in rosy colors in the countryside, the testimonies of pet owners in the city are less brilliant. Due to the lack of green spaces, difficult access to transportation, and the central problem of dog excrement, it is difficult to please our companions.

The problem markedly pushed the magazine 30 million friends from 2016, compile a rating of cities “where it’s good to live with your animal.” “We started with an observation: the dog population in Paris has declined by almost 20%. The dog was increasingly perceived as “animal non grata,” explains editor-in-chief Katya Renard.

History of living together

The central issue raised by our readers concerns the litter. “More and more bags can be picked up, which is very practical,” says Mary, the owner of two dogs. Thierry, who has three wolfdogs in Colomiers, elaborates: “The problem is, first of all, the lack of garbage cans. Marion points out that “distributors are regularly robbed by people without dogs.”

What complicates the cleaning of the “crime scene”, especially since even with these tools some people forget … “Living together, everyone has to make an effort,” says Katya Renard. Anyone who does not collect litter does not think about people in wheelchairs, on bicycles … This is very uncivilized. »

Leash, it’s tiring

In addition to this fragrant item, the city sets certain tasks for the owners. Access to green spaces is particularly difficult. “Avignon is a disgusting city for dogs,” Bernadette denounces. For them, a small strip is allocated, away from the city center. All other parks and gardens are forbidden to them! “It shouldn’t be hard for you in Toulon,” François gets excited. Dogs are prohibited in parks and beaches. »

And, when these places are allowed for animals, you still need to be able to go there. In Saint-Brieuc, where Christophe lives, public transport for dogs is prohibited: “If you are not transported, then this is your problem! “, he swears. Marion agrees: “Buses, trams and subways refuse animals that are not in baskets. Even wearing muzzles does not work. In busy times, I can understand, but at other times … “

So how can we make life easier for our companions? It’s hard to answer. The question is not only will, but rather, in most cases, big money: “Cities have realized the problem of the dog,” says Katya Renard. The main obstacle is the budget, because the topic is not a priority. “Of course, it will be necessary to comb the hair of elected officials …

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