Everything you need to know about the Yorkshire Terrier

Everything you need to know about the Yorkshire Terrier

Origin of the Yorkshire Terrier

Nicknamed a Yorkie, Yorkie, or even a long-haired toy terrier, this breed originated in the early 19th century during the second industrial revolution. During this period, many workers, working in particular in the wool industry, left their native Scotland and settled in Yorkshire, England. They came there with their dogs, which, when crossed with local terriers (including the Maltese), gave birth to the Yorkshire terrier. Yorkies were originally bred to hunt rats or rabbits in burrows. Today it is mainly used as a pet. The official breed standard for the Yorkshire Terrier was adopted in 1898.

Physique of the Yorkshire Terrier

  • size: from 15 cm to 25 cm (male and female combined);
  • weight: 2 to 3 kg (male and female combined);
  • long hair;
  • hair color: fawn, chestnut, bronze, steel blue;
  • head shape: small and round;
  • the shape and color of the eyes: round, medium-sized eyes, shiny, dark in color;
  • ear shape: small, V-shaped, slightly spaced and set straight;
  • other features: the tail is rather short-cropped.

Personality of the Yorkshire Terrier

in Yorkie is a lively and intelligent dog.. Rather stubborn by nature, he requires an early and firm upbringing in order to set limits for himself. In addition, this dog breed is also very affectionate towards its owner and knows well adapt to lifestyle this. Particularly inclined to life in an apartment – Yorkies appreciate the comfort of home comfort, a good enough daily walk. It is also a good alert dog because it barks easily when someone, known or unknown, comes home.

Yorkshire Terrier Health

Despite its small size, the Yorkshire Terrier is endowed with fairly good health. However, this breed can be prone to certain health issues. In particular, there are problems with the joints, as well as pronounced fragility of the bones in the kneecaps and cervical vertebrae, as recalleda study listing genetic and breed-predisposed diseases that affect the nervous system of dogs.conducted in 2014 by Tatyana Pradel.

From the age of 4, the Yorkshire Terrier’s teeth can also sometimes cause problems due to misaligned teeth. This can lead to gingivitis or, if left untreated, loosening. The average lifespan of a Yorkshire Terrier is 10 to 15 years.

Yorkshire Terrier price

The cost of a male Yorkshire terrier varies from 400 to 2100 €, for females – from 600 to 2000 €. The annual cost of keeping a Yorkie ranges from 800 to 850 euros per year.

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