Hamburg is looking for sponsors for dogs and cats owned by Ukrainians | – News

Hamburg is looking for sponsors for dogs and cats owned by Ukrainians | – News

Status: 09.03.2022 15:50

Those who run away from bombs don’t abandon their pets. Many people from Ukraine brought their dogs or cats with them to Hamburg. Four-legged friends are not usually welcome in refugee shelters, but there should now be a solution for animals seeking protection as well.

With the help of animal sponsorship, Hamburg wants to facilitate the accommodation of Ukrainian refugees with pets. According to the law, people with dogs and cats should not be placed in every communal housing, social senator Melanie Leonhard (SPD) explained on Tuesday. This is a very difficult situation for those who have run away with their pets. “But we found a good solution together with the Ukrainian Aid Association. They arrange animal sponsorship for the time you need to be in such a shelter,” said Leonhard. If those seeking protection went into locked apartments, then it would be easier to take animals with them. Anyone can apply to become a sponsor of an animal. call the Ukrainian aid headquarters.

Offices looking for a solution

According to Senate spokesman Marcel Schweitzer, the district offices, as well as the judiciary and consumer protection authorities, are working to bring German and European legislation into line with the practices that people experience as a result of war and displacement. We are also talking about mandatory vaccination against rabies in the EU and the mandatory identification of animals. “We will find solutions,” Schweitzer promised. On Monday, the CDU parliamentary group called on the Senate to place Ukrainian refugees with their pets in shelters if possible.

Fled Ukraine with her own pet

On Tuesday, in front of the primary reception center in the district of Rahlstedt, Ukrainian Katya Uvarova was found with her small dog Elsa in a carrying bag. A woman in her thirties said that she and her dog had already found accommodation in the Schnelsen area a week ago. Now her mother has also arrived in Germany and wants to register in Rahlstedt. Ukrainian Irina Beigina said that she had found a person in the area who would look after her dog.

Animal shelters also help

The Hamburg Animal Welfare Association also offered to help. By Wednesday, however, the Süderstraße animal shelter had not received any requests, as NDR 90.3 became aware. According to the Association for the Protection of Animals, the best help is private spaces where people and animals can live together. The animal shelter also offers homeless people the opportunity to take their dogs in for the winter.

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