Illegal trade in puppies!  Animal advocates show the suffering of small dogs

Illegal trade in puppies! Animal advocates show the suffering of small dogs

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June 12, 2022 – 03:36 PM watch

Unfortunately, purebred dogs can make a lot of money. This is used over and over again by people who want to make a quick buck off cute puppies. They don’t care how the animals are doing. In the video, animal rights activists once again show the treacherous animal suffering scam and explain what we can all do about it.

Tips from animal rights activists: what to do about the illegal trade in puppies

Small breed dogs are cute! But it is worth resisting this feeling – as well as the hope of getting a “good deal” on online sales portals. After all, we are not talking about some kind of toy, but about a living animal, bred in the harsh conditions of Eastern Europe.

Often, new owners are faced with multiple vet visits and bills, as well as an injured dog. Add to that the emotional anguish of the new owners. To protect yourself and other animals from this fate, you should pay attention to a few things:

  • There are serious offers for puppies on the Internet, but: Carefully study the profile. Many spelling errors, the price is well below average, and the lack of opportunity to visit the animals in the homes of breeders are clear warning signs.
  • Do not buy animals online, but rather from an animal shelter or reputable breeder.

Reading Tip: The illegal trade in puppies is on the rise, 140% more than last year.

Martin Rutter with his RTL+ tips

Dog handler Martin Rütter is also fighting the machinations of illegal puppy dealers. On RTL+ you can see past editions of “Der Hundeprofi” and “Martin Rütter – The Puppies Are Coming” in the stream. (lra)


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