Influential animals – more followers than their owners –

Influential animals – more followers than their owners –

Many pets now have a social media account – they are also looking for likes and fame.

Every third pet has an account in social networks. This was the result of a study by international pet insurance company ManyPets in London. They have an average of 925 followers. This is more for almost 90% of those surveyed than for their own profiles.

Interest in their pets is also manifested in another way: 36% of respondents on smartphones have more photos of pets than friends. For two-thirds, their pets are among their best friends, and 44% miss them more than their loved ones when they are away from them.

Pictures and videos of cute animals are incredibly popular on the internet, which is why animal influencers are bombarded with likes and comments.

We will introduce you to some of our friends:


Hands up, weekend, Keys took the cat to heart.


Golden Retriever Tucker:

The owner comments on young Golden in funny videos and he has 3 million followers on Instagram.

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Mr Pokey:

The little hedgehog is perhaps the only powerful person with thorns.

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I love you Stepan

This cat is from Ukraine. His followers helped Stepan and his master avoid war. The cat is known for its grumpy facial expression, but its owner skillfully fakes it.

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