Leaving a dog in a car in the heat: owners will face a large fine

Leaving a dog in a car in the heat: owners will face a large fine

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In some places, the temperature has already exceeded the 30-degree mark. In the worst case, dogs can die from the heat that got into the car. The owners are held accountable.

The first heat wave reached Germany in May. Midsummer is approaching and more is expected. This means that people, as well as their pets, must protect themselves from high temperatures. That means looking for shade as often as possible, drinking plenty of water, and making sure your favorite four-legged friend does the same. Accordingly, you can not leave it in the car when the scorching sun shines on it, according to landtiere.de.

He does not need temperatures above 30 degrees so that the dog does not get too hot in the car. A closed room quickly heats up only from intense solar radiation. With fatal consequences. Eventually, this can cause the dog to overheat. If help comes too late, it can be deadly. Even if it doesn’t, careless dog owners are liable.

Leaving a dog in a car in the heat: owners will face a large fine

After all, you are violating the TierSchHuV Animal Welfare Ordinance if you let your dog wait in the car during the summer. This is based on the fact that dog owners must monitor the health of their pets in accordance with § 8 TierSchHuV.

This means that not only does the dog need enough fresh air in the car, i.e. the car window must be open, but he can only stay in the car if the outside temperature is not too high. Under the Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG), anything else is animal cruelty and therefore punishable.

Leaving the dog in the car when it’s hot: the severity of the punishment depends on the behavior of the owner

Accordingly, a distinction is made between a criminal offense (Section 17 TierSchG) and an administrative offense (Section 18 TierSchG). The degree or amount of the fine depends on whether the dog’s owner intentionally left the dog in a hot car or did it unintentionally.

If a dog is carelessly left in a hot car, there is a risk of a hefty fine of up to 25,000 euros. (icon image)

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The latter refers to the fact that the owner of the dog had little knowledge or underestimation of the danger. If done intentionally, the dog’s owner could face up to three years in prison or a fine based on income. In addition, the owner may be banned from owning animals for a short time or for life.

If, on the other hand, the incident is qualified by the court as negligence, the owner faces a large fine of up to 25,000 euros. If the animal remains unharmed, it will be correspondingly lower. However, this does not apply if you have already committed a criminal offense for the same reason. But even in this case, the punishment may be more severe.

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