Life expectancy of dogs depending on their breed

Life expectancy of dogs depending on their breed

The loss home pet can be destructive to its owner. dogs Moreover, they live much less than humans, so how do you choose a hairball if you don’t want to suffer too much? In Great Britain Royal Veterinary College conducted research on 30,000 domestic dogs set the lifespan of 18 different breeds. If you are shy take the dogso you’re probably wondering how much time you can spend with him.

How is the lifespan of a dog calculated?

dog life span also depends on the country in which it is located. Each country lists the average lifespan of a dog according to its own standards: so this study should be treated with a grain of salt, even if lifestyles in France and the UK are not entirely different. Previous research has shown, for example, that the average lifespan of a golden retriever in Japan is 14.1 years, while the same species in Denmark can only live 10.5 years. Blame it on genetics.

To conduct this study, published in Scientific Reports, researchers examined more than 30,000 dogs of 18 different breeds died between 1uh January 2016 and July 30, 2020 They collected this data from Vetcompass, a pet monitoring system that has records of 20 million dogs. To select who they studied, the researchers kept only records that mentioned the sex, age, weight of the dog, and neutering status.

Which dog has the longest lifespan?

Their results are quite random. in Jack Russell will be the dog with the longest life expectancy at birth, at 12.72 years. Immediately after this, we find Yorkshire from 12.54 years old and Border Collie from 12.10 years old. The Spaniel and Labrador have a lifespan of over 11 years, followed by the Staffordshire, Cocker and Shih Tzu.

The dog with the shortest lifespan is a very popular breed: French Bulldog. The life expectancy of this animal is only 4.53 years, compared to 7.39 years for the English Bulldog. According to Jean-Christophe Vuyerme, a veterinarian interviewed by France Inter, this difference in lifespan between a Jack Russell and a French Bulldog can be explained by the dogs’ muzzle. Large dogs do not live longer than small ones, on the contrary. On the other hand, certain specific criteria can affect the service life:

Breeds selected for very specific criteria, such as the short nose of Bulldogs, […] increase the risk of disease and shorten life expectancy “.

How to explain the difference in life expectancy?

In addition to differences in lifespan by breed, there are also differences in lifespan by sex. Like the people women’s life expectancy is higher to those of males. Sterilization would increase life expectancy by more than 10%.

Some breeds may also be more prone to genetic diseases or even breathing problems. But the numbers revealed by this study are not inevitable, they are just a way to better advise people. Adopting a dog that is several years old, depending on its breed, can be synonymous with a short lifespan – or not! Among the dogs studied by researchers, we find, in particular, Bulldog who have reached a life expectancy of 11 years or Jack Russell who lived 19 years.

What is the life expectancy of dogs by breed?

  • Jack Russell: 12.72 years
  • Yorkshire: 12.54
  • Border Collie: 12.10 years old.
  • Spaniel: 11.92 years
  • Crusaders: 11.82 years
  • Labrador: 11.77 years.
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier: 11.33 years.
  • Cocker Spaniel: 11.05 years.
  • Shih Tzu: 11.05 years
  • Cavalier King Charles: 10.45 years
  • German Shepherd: 10.16 years
  • Boxer: 10.04 years
  • Beagle: 9.85 years
  • Husky: 9.53 years
  • Chihuahua: 7.91 years
  • American Bulldog: 7.79 years
  • Pug: 7.65 years
  • English Bulldog: 7.39 years.
  • French Bulldog: 4.53 years

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