Looking for the most beautiful dog in Munich!  Upload a photo and win great prizes from Fressnapf

Looking for the most beautiful dog in Munich! Upload a photo and win great prizes from Fressnapf

Dogs play an extremely important role for many people in today’s society: they are vacation companions, family members and sometimes substitutes for children, used in hunting and in the police service for work.

Samma dog – elections with woof!

There are currently 41,958 dogs registered with the Munich City Treasury, more than ever before. Small, big, long hair with a shaggy mane, with short hair, with raincoats or Dumbo ears: we want to see you all! Evening newspaper is looking for the most beautiful dog in Munich under the motto “Dog samma: Die Wahl mit Wau” The cynological experts of “Evening newspaper” selected 30 photos.

AZ All-Star Jury for final selection of winners

Then we will return the responsibility to you, dear readers: from July 12 to July 19, 2022, you can vote for the top ten online. The final selection of the winners is made by the AZ star jury: Patricia Rykiel, journalist and former editor-in-chief of BUNTE, as well as presenter and dog trainer Jochen Bendel gave their hearts to their faithful four-legged friends and choose the most beautiful dog in Munich.

Of course, the win is also worth it for the Munich-based Zamperl: you can win orthopedic dog beds and soft faux fur from the Petlando brand, toys, treat bags, a voucher and surprise packages. The prizes are sponsored by Fressnapf, a pet supply store.

Lots of useful information awaits you.

And so you don’t have to wait too long for the vote to take place, every Tuesday in AZ you can read how to pamper your pet even more, what a dog license is, and how you and your dog grow up to be truly great vacation partners. All twelve paws of the AZ Dog edition are pressed!

Send us a photo of your dog by July 5th and with any luck our jury will vote for the most beautiful dog in Munich!

The Evening Paper wishes you luck and thanks Fressnapf for sponsoring the prizes. Please note that unnaturally posed photographs in which dogs are “painted” or embarrassed in any way will not be considered.


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