Lost dogs can be found with this app

Lost dogs can be found with this app

South Korea has a problem with dog ownerswho abandon their animals when they get sick because they want to save on big vet bills. That’s why South Korean app developers came up with PetNow: they want flat It is mandatory to register a dog, according to the BBC.

This requires a scan. dog nose. The application recognizes them and automatically assigns them to a specific animal. A dog’s nose serves as a biometric identifier, much like our fingerprint or face scan.

In Austria, PetNow would be useless for this purpose. All dogs kept on federal territory must have marked and registered will. Yes chip obligation and registration in pet database for dogs.

Share dog nose scan and location

However, PetNow can be useful in this country for another purpose: you can use it to find lost dogs. Therefore: as a pet owner, you save the dog’s nose image in the app. If the dog runs away or is so frightened during the walk that he just runs away, PetNow can help the finder Scan the dog’s nose and his share location. However, scanning the nose of a dog with an unfamiliar animal that may be frightened is not always easy and should only be done by people who have experience with lost dogs.

But even for lost dogs in this country, you don’t need an app: you can use a found dog to veterinarian or animal welfare association bring. There, the dog’s chip can be easily read and communicated to the owner. On the other hand, in South Korea, such an app would be easier to implement than requiring dogs to have a chip, the developers of the app told the BBC.

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