“Love Your Pets Day”: Overwhelming Response

“Love Your Pets Day”: Overwhelming Response

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We asked for the most beautiful photos of your pets. © Andrea Junge, Jana Becker, Jessica Werner, Laura Hasselbach, Marina Winkler-Schmidt, Heidi Schmidt

We asked for the most beautiful photos of your companion animals. We have received over 600 applications.

Pour. Hooray, dear readers! We didn’t expect such a buzz as part of our photo campaign for tomorrow’s Love Your Pets Day. Last week we published our appeal: we were looking for the most beautiful, touching and funny pictures of your animal companions along with related stories. Since then, the editors have received more than 600 submissions – certainly much more than can fit on this page. Accordingly, the choice was difficult. If you don’t find your photo today, you have nothing to be sad about. Due to the sheer volume of responses, we have decided to continue posting photos and experiences of your pets in a weekly series. Because the topic touched many. It will start next week.

By the way, dogs and cats were your most popular motifs. This is not surprising. Of the 34.9 million pets living in Germany, according to current statistics, these two make up the largest share. Velvet paws (15.7 million) are even more in demand than their barking pals (10.7 million), of which the Labrador is the most popular breed. If you don’t have dogs or cats, you may have rabbits, guinea pigs, or hamsters. About five million of these small animals found a place in German homes. From lovers of reptiles or spiders, not a single photograph of their much less pleasant pets has come down to us. There are at least 1.3 million terrariums in German living rooms. Jasmine Mosel

A special love for rabbits connects “Shlipp” and “Schlapp”, writes Christiane Baron. “After the initial ‘it doesn’t work together’, the two eventually realized they couldn’t live without each other.” © Meiling Baron
The bitch “Abby” and the cat “Büsi” are actually not very green. But when the owner Diza Gul opens the bedroom window in the morning, they run away together to see what happened. © Diza Gul
Mark Pannier volunteers to take care of wild animals. At least for a while, he had an unusual pet, as he had a small raccoon in his care. “He was found in the hot summer month, I nursed him and raised him a little. But everyday life was very chaotic. The little raccoon is very curious and saw me as mom and dad at the same time.” The little raccoon now lives in a private enclosure with other animals. © Mark Pannier
The photo sent by Eva-Maria Olainek is a bit older. You can see her son Lenny, who was about four weeks old at the time, napping with the kitten “Deprived”. Lenny is now twelve years old. A beautiful memory. © Eva-Maria Olainek
“Hope” is a pink cockatoo who loves Marion Goldner-Worm taking a shower and drying it with a hair dryer. “I went to breed and wanted a completely different bird, then I saw Nadezhda and thought, is it or not.” This was six years ago. The cockatoo has several serious shortcomings, such as being unable to sit on its feet and dragging its beak around, as it also cannot walk. “I thought he should have a special house, so I bought it,” writes the proud owner, who lets the Nadezhda fly freely every day. © Marion Goldner-Worm
“Hugo” is three years old and this is Laura Hasselbach’s Canadian Sphynx. “He is very friendly, cuddly and more like a dog than a cat. He likes to wear hair ties and listens to the “sit” command. He also makes me laugh every day because he often acts like a little clown.” © Laura Hasselbach
“This is Carl. A healthy French Bulldog who loves to play with and in the water more than anything, writes Catherine Simon in this summer SNAPSHOT. © Catherine Simon
The guinea pig Buzelchen was born along with her two siblings in the home of Heidi Schmidt. Big surprise because the mom she just bought was pregnant but didn’t get recognized. “But she did well and we had three more Meeris.” © Heidi Schmidt
Chicken “Hanni” is the favorite chicken of Marina Winkler-Schmidt’s children. »Our two boys Tim (photo) and Anton can do anything with her. She follows them every step of the way. As soon as we go out into the garden, she comes to the door and wants to go out. She also loves you very much.« © Marina Winkler-Schmidt
Andrea Junge will never forget her dog Bunny. “My family adopted Bunny early in my youth and she has been an important part of my life from the very first minute. She was the most loving, clumsy, sweet and amazing person I have ever met. Unfortunately, we had to part ways with her a few years ago, but this sweet creature has never lost her place in my heart.” © Andrea Junge
“Ella Keinohrkatze” is how Jessica Werner introduces her beloved and writes from the perspective of her animal companion: “In September 2020, my cat mom adopted me from an animal shelter, and now I smile at her every day. I, little Ulknudel, prefer to spend my days lying down, either sleeping or playing – of course lying down and stretching my little legs up to the sky. My missing ears are no problem at all, I hear like a spinning top and look like a little teddy bear. Unfortunately, they had to be amputated because I had cancer.” © Jessica Werner
Jack Russell Terrier “Leni” was bred by Yana Becker herself and was born on June 28, 2017. “She really is my best friend. We have a special bond that cannot be expressed in words. Leni is more than a dog, she is unique. Due to her breed, she is very lively and has her own character. At the same time so daring and at the same time so sweet. “Leni’s mom” Ellie “is also a member of the family. © Yana Becker

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