Love Your Pets Day: Pandemic Companions – Many dogs and cats end up in shelters

Love Your Pets Day: Pandemic Companions – Many dogs and cats end up in shelters

Often elderly people come to the animal shelter in Randow, Demmina area to adopt a four-legged friend. For them, a pet is a companion, a topic of conversation, and sometimes a therapist, as Kerstin Lenz, chairman of the responsible animal welfare association, knows. “Pets have a huge impact on health,” she explains. “Owners move more because if they have a dog, they have to go outside. They sleep much better when a cat is near their head and purrs. They come off when you run your fingers over the smooth, warm coat of a rabbit. In general, as Kerstin Lenz has observed, pets make people friendlier, more relaxed, and even-tempered.

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Animals have a learning effect for children

Children who often wanted an animal from an animal shelter also learned to take responsibility when they grew up with a dog, cat, or guinea pig. “This is very important in today’s society,” says Kerstin Lenz.

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Not all relationships with animals are happy

But with all the virtues of pets, which is intended to celebrate the Sunday Love for Animals Day, not all relationships between people and animals are happy. As an animal rights activist, Kerstin Lenz is primarily concerned about the downsides of the pet hype, and it seems to be on the rise. Kerstin Lenz says more and more photographs are being offered to the shelter these days. Dog owners, for example, often applied for animal welfare because their dogs bit them or because they didn’t have more time.

Bought carelessly?

Kerstin Lenz suggests that many of the animals were bought carelessly during the pandemic. This is felt in conversations with the owners. According to Kerstin Lenz, such animals do not come from the animal protection service, where potential owners are carefully screened. But that’s where they end if something goes wrong. The Animal Welfare Association in and around Demmin first forwards dog bite requests to the veterinary service, which examines the animals and decides how to proceed. “Not everything can be donated to animal shelters,” Lentz says.

Puppies are very popular

Because they currently have something to do without the increased problems of dog owners with their furry noses and the associated effort. While uncomplicated dogs only stay at the shelter for a short time – Kerstin Lenz and her team received requests for a Labrador puppy from all over Germany, Austria and Luxembourg, but eventually a family nearby accepted him – biting dogs are hardly acceptable.

Cat accommodation is currently very difficult

In addition, about 30 cats have been waiting for their new home in the Neukalen cat house for several months. “Currently, not many new ones are added, but almost nothing disappears,” says Kerstin Lenz. Space will soon be needed for the baby cats expected in the spring. In recent years it has not been as difficult as it is now with the placement of cats. “The market is just oversaturated,” Kerstin Lenz suspects. The healing effect, the soothing purr and the warm coat of a domestic tiger do not help either.

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