Luck!  These Are The Most Expensive Dog Breeds Few Can Own

Luck! These Are The Most Expensive Dog Breeds Few Can Own

By 2019, the number of families claiming to have a pet in Colombia reached almost half of the existing households in the country. This was shown by a survey conducted by Fenalco in the same year, which showed that at least 43% of households have pets.

Kantar Worldpanel also conducted its own consultations and concluded that there are just over three and a half million pets in Colombia, of which 67% are dogs, 18% are cats, and 16% are animals with the least number of pets. one dog and one cat.

Now, seeing the percentage of dogs, there is no doubt that these animals are the most desirable for Colombians. Whether they are big, small, some prettier than others, or different colors and breeds, dogs are the perfect pets, both for company and for the love and loyalty that these fluffy little ones can show.

However, despite the fact that there are endless campaigns today to adopt rather than buy, there is no doubt that the dog trade practice is still one of the strongest in terms of selling animals. There are some breeds whose value can exceed hundreds of thousands of pesos and reach millions; there are even dogs whose market value exceeds billions of pesos.

pharaoh hound

To see a dog of this breed is to immediately move to Ancient Egypt.. Whether it’s portraits or sculptures, the Pharaoh Hound was the most important dog breed in the Pharaonic civilization and that’s why experts decided to give it that name.

With an elegant posture and perfectly stylized and contoured features, a specimen of this breed can cost up to $6,500, which is about 25 million pesos.


Although it is considered one of the most aggressive breeds, the truth is that the Rottweiler, depending on its upbringing and lifestyle, can also be one of the most familiar specimens, both because of its loyalty and the safety it has. radiates in the house.

This dog has been taken many times with the intention of guarding and protecting the home, a function that it fully performs. For this reason, it is also one of the most valuable on the market, its value reaches about eight thousand dollars (approximately thirty million pesos).


If someone is talking about furries, surely Samoyeds fit this definition perfectly. In their first months of life, people are not shy about describing them as little bear cubs due to their long fur, pointy ears, and cute face.

However, with age, they do not lose their beauty, but only become more impressive. Due to its genetic closeness to wolves, the size of these dogs and their herd instinct make them among the most expensive: ten thousand dollars (about 38 million pesos).

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Despite their small size, this breed is considered the queen of the United Kingdom, given the favoritism that the British royal family has shown for this type of dog over the centuries. In fact, his fame surpassed royal artwork for years to come, as members of the crown did not hesitate to pose with their pet for a picture that would take them to eternity.

Of course, its beauty, fame, and gentle and noble nature means that this breed can be worth up to $14,000, which is between 53 million and 56 million pesos, depending on the value of the dollar today.

Tibetan mastiff

“Tender Bear”, which is what many have nicknamed him on social media, given the size of this breed and its incredible fur. Considered a gigantic dog, its size, while imposing, does not at all reflect its gentleness and concern for people.

This guard dog, weighing between 50 and 75 kilograms, is one of the most beloved in the world and also the most expensive: it can cost two million dollars, which translates into 7.6 billion pesos.

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