Our selection of dog parks in 2022

Our selection of dog parks in 2022

If you soon meet a small puppy in your house, a dog playpen can make your life easier. Indeed, small dogs have an annoying tendency to gnaw on anything that comes their way. Zoom in on the most practical dog park models!

When you’re away, locking your little puppy in a fold-out playpen can save your furniture legs. Left to their own devices, some dogs take liberties that they would not dare to take in the presence of their master! Tear up wallpaper, chew on electrical outlets… Set up a comfortable spot in the puppy yard and let it rise all the time so your dog can go there whenever he wants. Thus, he will look at her not at all as a prison, but as his own corner. The park may also allow keeping the dog away under certain circumstances, such as when you have guests. Some excited dogs can’t help jumping on people. There is a wide variety of dog parks, ranging from foldable parkas that are easy to transport, to parkas with heavier metal bars.


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Bigwing Style foldable dog playpen, easy to transport

This playpen weighs less than a kilogram and can be taken with you anywhere. It folds in just a few steps and fits easily into a bag or car trunk. In addition, the puppy playpen comes with a small carrying bag with a handle. Made from oxford mesh fabric, highly resistant to scratches and bites. The walls guarantee excellent ventilation inside the park. You can use this octagonal playpen for dogs as well as cats or rabbits.

Foldable MC Star Oxford kennel with 8 panels.

This large dog playpen is available in multiple colors and measures 125 x 125 x 64 cm. Made from 600D Oxford fabric, it is water resistant and durable. It has two entrances and has a zippered mesh hood. There are also two small storage bags that you can put your pets toys in. In addition, this case is very easy to assemble, as it has a sliding system. You can then secure it to the ground with the four metal hooks that come with it.

Puppy playpen Iris Ohyama with two locks

This playpen for puppies consists of four panels, one of which has a door, and eight rubber feet. Very stable, so there is no risk of skidding on any type of ground. Made of elastomeric resin, it can be placed both indoors and outdoors. It is also very easy to clean with a damp sponge. Very light, this puppy playpen is easy to move around to protect from the sun. Good plan: it can be increased by buying additional panels.

Iris Ohyama puppy playpen with lockable hooks

Available in multiple colors, this designer puppy playpen is made from ABS plastic with a PVC bottom tray. Therefore, it is very easy to care for, and it resists canine strikes and scratches well. It includes a sliding door ideal for small spaces. It has closing hooks that animals cannot open by themselves. In addition, this roofless puppy playpen is very easy to assemble. Its rounded corners and curved edges give it a modern look.

How to choose the right playpen for your dog?

It is very important to choose a park adapted to the size of your dog. Large breeds such as the German Shepherd do not need as much space as the Shetland Sheepdog. The dog park should also fit easily into your interior. If you have a small room, choose a compact and modular cabinet.

Do you plan to move the park depending on the day? Therefore, choose a lightweight model that is easy to transport from one room to another. There are also fully collapsible parkas that can be stored in a small bag and accompany you on vacation.

The presence of non-slip feet is also part of the selection criteria, as is the material from which the parkas are made. Buy a very durable model that is resistant to bites and scratches.

Finally, make sure the locking system is secure. The dog must not open the playpen by itself!

What materials are dog kennels made from?

Most dog playpens are made of plastic. It is really durable, lightweight and easy to clean material. This type of parka is also especially popular for keeping puppies, as it needs to be washed several times a day until the dogs are clean.

There are also metal parkas for dogs, very durable, perfect for large breed dogs. These parkas are very stable and remain well anchored in the ground, even when a very strong dog presses with all its paws on the bars.

Finally, the lightest playpens are made of nylon. These are closed cases and are easy to move. If you are looking for a foldable playpen, this is the perfect material.

Where is the dog park located?

It is important to choose a good location for a dog park so that your furry friend feels comfortable there. Don’t forget that dogs love their owner’s company! Therefore, you should install a park in a room where there is life: for example, in the living room. Do you work from home? Feel free to place the playpen next to your desk.

In any case, you need to put an aviary in a place where the animal is used to spending time. The installation in the park should feel really natural to him so that he quickly gets used to it.

If possible, place the playpen next to a window so the dog can see outside. However, be careful of drafts, as dogs are sensitive to them, especially those with long ears.

What items to put in a dog playpen?

The dog park should be as comfortable as possible. Your dog deserves the very best! Start in bed on the floor with a nice blanket, pillows, or dog mat. Of course, if it’s a puppy, also put a mattress pad on to protect the floor.

Then choose a bowl that you will fill with fresh water. Choose a very stable model that the dog will not be able to knock over while playing in his park.

Also think about toys and soft toys. Choose chewing accessories, as this is one of the favorite activities for many dogs. You can also buy items to fill your puree or treats. In this way, the dog will spend his time catching the treat, and this will relax him. Even throw in a few soft toys to keep him company. Some dogs love to fall asleep with a soft toy.

Until what age can you keep a dog in the park?

You can keep a dog playpen for the life of your little companion. Of course, the park will not always have the same utility depending on the age of the animal. If you have a puppy, you can put him in the playpen so that he does not mess up when you are not at home. Attention, the animal should treat the park as its own place, and not as a punishment. Therefore, it is recommended to leave the aviary constantly open, with a bench inside.

When the dog grows up and stops lounging, you can use the aviary only under certain circumstances. For example, some dogs go crazy when their owner vacuums!

Finally, a dog park can serve as a sanctuary for the dog for the rest of his life. Leave him alone when he is relaxing indoors and teach your kids not to disturb him when he is sleeping.

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