Pets: This means four-legged friends won’t be a burden on the environment

Pets: This means four-legged friends won’t be a burden on the environment

This means that four-legged friends will not become a burden on the environment.

Keeping pets could also become more sustainable.

Keeping pets could also become more sustainable.

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Pets are still very popular. If you want to take care of your four-legged friends, you will find the right advice here.

There are about 15.7 million cats and 10.7 million dogs in German families. Your roommates can do a lot to ensure that four-legged friends live a stable and happy life. Animal lovers can use these tips to protect the environment, and often their wallets:

Protecting the environment with sustainable cat litter

Every year in Germany, more than 630,000 tons of non-recyclable waste is generated from mineral cat litter. The Plant Litter Association (PLA) launched the Cats for the Future initiative to draw attention to this growing litter problem. PLA spokesman Michael Behnke, who has been teaching at the American University of Paris since 2014, explains that “for many years there has been a sustainable plant fiber alternative on the market with significantly better product performance than conventional mineral fill.” According to the initiative, compostable plant fiber litter is “the most sustainable and effective way to protect the environment.” Thanks to short transport routes, it produces less CO2, weighs only half as much as mineral bedding, and can absorb up to seven times its own weight in liquid. In this way, the cat family can reduce the annual amount of waste by 200 kg to 64 kg. Organic waste is also suitable for disposal as part of organic waste. This is already being implemented in some German municipalities.

Eco friendly dog ​​waste bags for a clean environment

People can also dispose of dog waste in an environmentally friendly way if they pay attention to product selection. Biodegradable dog waste bags instead of plastic bags will keep your four-legged friend going green. Oil-free compostable bags are made from paper or cardboard. They are considered the most environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags.

organic food

Much can be done for ecological balance when it comes to feed, and not just relying on local and sustainable producers. Numerous pets are overweight, with research showing around 50 percent of all four-legged friends are affected. Reducing the amount of food they eat not only helps the climate, but often the dogs or cats themselves. When buying food, furry friends can choose the most environmentally friendly packaging possible – and get pet food in large quantities to save money. on waste, for example, recommended by the animal welfare organization Peta, among other things. If you would like to cook your own food, you should check with your veterinarian beforehand.

toys and accessories

Accessories and toys for companion animals are often used. It is also important to pay attention to environmentally friendly and durable materials. With every purchase, pet owners should be wondering if they really need a new item – toys for furry friends, in particular, can be made from things you already have at home: leftover clothes, old bath rugs, paper rolls, etc. entertain a dog or cat, as shown by numerous instructions on the net. It is important that no toxic materials or small parts are used and that animal safety is guaranteed.


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