Poor dear Penny!  She is the saddest dog in the Berlin animal shelter – who will finally give her a new home?

Poor dear Penny! She is the saddest dog in the Berlin animal shelter – who will finally give her a new home?

Bitch Penny is looking for a new home – at the moment she lives in a Berlin animal shelter and it is difficult for her to be alone. Animal shelter Berlin

Since the animal rights activists in Germany’s animal shelters do their job as lovingly as they care for their animal inhabitants, it’s clear that animals have no place in animal shelters. Every dog, every cat, every little animal should be allowed to live in a loving home with a big family, and some dogs just aren’t made to live in an animal shelter. No story proves this better than the story of Penny the dog – she is now urgently looking for a new home.

The Berlin Animal Shelter drew attention to Penny’s fate.

The Berlin animal shelter drew attention to the bitch on Facebook. Because: “Penny is a very poor soul. The beautiful dog is very attached to his caregivers and extremely unhappy at the shelter – heartbreaking screams and cries when he is not allowed to be with his people, ”the message says. This breaks the hearts of animal lovers… “We are urgently looking for a home for Penny in a quiet place with experienced people where she will never be left alone.”

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Penny was found, and according to her chip, she’s from Romania. “She probably had several owners – unfortunately, it can also be assumed that no one wanted her in her last home, because no one ever asked about her. Now she is looking for her loving home forever,” the site says shelter.

Who will give cute dog Penny a new home? She is waiting for new owners in an animal shelter in Berlin. Animal shelter Berlin

At the same time, according to the Berlin animal shelter, the photos do not lie: “Penny is as cute as she looks in the pictures,” animal rights activists write. Although she does not attach much importance to other dogs, she allows herself to be led past them. “In new situations, she’s still a little insecure at first, but quickly trusts people she doesn’t know.”

However, she is a real anxiety girl – due to the fact that she cannot be alone. “That’s why she’s very unhappy and stressed at the shelter, because unfortunately we can’t offer 24/7 comprehensive care. Her fear of being alone is such that after her walks she resists going back to the kennel with all her might and even in desperation tries to grab her handlers by the pants to keep them from leaving.”

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Penny is looking for a loving and above all stable home with patient people, ideally outside the city. “The magical bitch needs nothing more than emotional support and strong structures to keep her safe. Their future owners’ experience with (anxious) dogs would be an asset.” It is important that the bitch is not left alone. “Somewhere there must be people who accept Penny for who she is and give her a chance to finally be born.”

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