So you can save a lot of money with a pet

So you can save a lot of money with a pet

How expensive are pets? A new study answers that question and shows how you can save money on dogs and cats. imago/Panthermedia, photograph of imago/Bielmeier

Countless people all over the world keep pets – and in Germany, hundreds of thousands of families are happy to have a furry friend. Of course, the most popular are, how else, dogs and cats. And especially in our time, when everything is becoming more expensive and many people no longer have anything to live on, you ask yourself: how much does such a pet cost? A new study answers this question and it blew my mind!

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Frankly, I never thought about how much an animal actually costs. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that I mainly had rabbits and guinea pigs as pets, for which the cost of feed is acceptable. Especially in the village, where lush greenery grows in the meadows, and the villagers even brought skins from carrots and cucumbers. Secondly, because I believe that money should not be a problem when giving an animal a home – because there is nothing more precious than love!

Interesting study: These dogs and cats are the most expensive

However, the question of costs has now been answered: the voucher and discount platform “savoo” has studied how much money dogs and cats that keep dogs eat. Among other things, the costs of food, insurance, taxes and care were evaluated, as well as fees for the purchase or adoption of animals and prices for cat litter, collars, etc. The result: cats are significantly more expensive than dogs! While a pet tiger costs almost 21,000 euros in a lifetime, a dog costs “only” 11,000 euros.

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This has even been calculated for individual breeds: when it comes to dogs, golden retrievers, German shepherds and beagles lead the list – they cost 15,102 euros (Golden Retriever), 12,403 euros (German shepherd) and 12,351 euros (beagle) in during the year. their lives. Next come the Poodle with €10,148, the Rottweiler with €10,507 and the Terrier with €10,271. Bulldogs, chihuahuas and dachshunds are the cheapest – less than 10,000 euros.

According to a study, the golden retriever is the most expensive dog. imago/nordphoto

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Cat prices are correspondingly higher: owners need a whopping €25,000 for a Savannah cat, a Burmese cat is listed in the household book at €23,200, and a Ragdoll eats about €23,130 in its lifetime. The cheapest here are the Russian Blue cats (16,735 euros), as well as Persian and Abyssinian cats (about 18,500 euros each).

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Sounds like a lot – where else can you save? In principle, of course, you should not save on your pet. Anyone who decides to get a dog or cat should think twice that the stories don’t end with me continuing to write: animals abandoned, tied up in front of an animal shelter, or even, as recently in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. , dispose of as trash. So: Think carefully, an animal is not a commodity, not a nimble cute creature, but a companion for life!

Savannah cats cost a lot of money. imago/perspective

However, Savu experts have some advice: pet food should be bought in large quantities, and not in individual, small items. This saves money in the long run. It is also important to properly insure your pet, because in the event of an illness or accident, a visit to the veterinarian can become an expensive affair.

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Save on pets: Dogs and cats are cheaper with these tips

But what is perhaps the most important rescue advice comes at the very beginning, when you even think about a pet: please don’t go to a breeder and don’t buy animals on the Internet, but rather give the poor animal from the shelter a new animal. house. According to Savu’s research, the protection fee to pay for an animal here is about 125 euros, as opposed to the hundreds or thousands of euros that are stolen elsewhere. But money is not decisive: with this gesture you are giving a sad animal one of the most beautiful moments in life – and this is priceless.

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