The 7 Most Viral TikTok Videos In Which Dogs Chat With Their Owners

The 7 Most Viral TikTok Videos In Which Dogs Chat With Their Owners

If you live with a pet, you may have dreamed of the opportunity talk to her face to face. “Speak to me in human words,” sometimes this phrase flies out of my mouth with force and with the hope of hearing a bold answer behind the bark. However, TikTok shows us that dogs can communicate with humans thanks to Button mat with programmed soundsand so we see it with these seven videos that have gone viral these weeks.

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Bunny, the most famous RRSS dog, has real conversations with his owners.

With over 7.3 million followers and over 181.5 million likes, Bunny is the most famous dog in all of TikTok. With a carpet full of perfect communication buttons, each one contains a word. The animal is able to maintain a conversation with his mistress and ask her questions every day.

@whataboutbunny This interaction seems incredible in many ways: questions, references to the past, empathy. #fyp #doggyanthem #empathy #talkingdog ♬ original sound – I am Bunny

After years of training, Bunny knows how to interact with those at home through a carpet of buttons that, when pressed, a programmed voice will speak the message in question.

Videos of dog conversations that went viral

Rabbit is not an isolated case. On TikTok, we find a huge community of people showing their pets interacting with them in many ways (sound mats, word buttons, etc.). In this way, the animal can express its mood, announce whether it is hungry or even if it wants to play.

The pet can even ask where people are in the house by their names. Playing with the Savannah button (girl from home) and where (where in English), the owner understands that the pet is asking where Savannah is.

The cutest and most beautiful messages

But how could it be otherwise, this way of communication also serves to show how much pets love their owners. With simple love for you, the pet shows the affection he feels for his loved ones.

Let’s not lie, we dream of talking to the furriest in the house, and these videos are a source of motivation and inspiration for many.

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