The dog got lost: what to do?

The dog got lost: what to do?


The dog got lost: what to do?

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It can happen to each of us at any moment that a stray dog ​​will come running to us. In this case, calm and responsible behavior is very important. In this guide for dogs, you will receive useful information on how to properly behave in such a situation.

Exhausted, sick and neglected dogs need help.

Exhausted, sick and neglected dogs need help. © 123RF/evdokha

Dogs can come to us for a variety of reasons. They either ran away for a walk with the owner, then ran away from home, or were completely forgotten during a stressful trip.

Unfortunately, there are also repeated reports of an apparently deliberately abandoned animal being found tied to a tree. And, of course, there are dogs that live on the street.

But for whatever reason a stray dog ​​comes to you or is found, you should always try to help the animal.

In that guide-dog TAG24 informs you about which institutions you can contact and what measures are important for the correct treatment of a foreign animal.

Found a dog: how to properly handle an animal

With few exceptions, registration and identification of dogs is voluntary.

With few exceptions, registration and identification of dogs is voluntary. © 123рф/phototaras

For dogs that have run away or have been abandoned or roam for other reasons, this is usually a time of great stress. Therefore, calming behavior is fundamental.

one. Step – keep your distance: The dog could be frightened and starving, or even in pain. If you, as a stranger, approach the animal too quickly, it may panic and react aggressively, possibly even biting you.

2. Step – Observe: In order to be able to better assess the state of health and well-being, it is advisable to observe the dog for some time. By the language of his body, you can already tell how the dog feels. In the meantime, for example, the competent authority can be called in to provide background information.

3. Step – to gain trust: You can approach it only when you are sure that the dog is in a good mood and reacts in a friendly way.

four. Step – check the markings: If the dog is wearing a collar, this may already give a clue to understanding the origin of the four-legged friend. There is even FINDEFIX or TASSOplaque attached to it, the animal was registered in the pet registry. The owner can be found by the number code on it and return the dog as quickly as possible.

Also tattoos (usually in the ear or on the inside of the thighs) or inserted microchips can facilitate and, above all, speed up the search for the owner. The chip number can be determined not only by a veterinarian or an animal shelter, but also by the police or fire department using a special reader.

5. Step – Delivery: Since it is not known how long the stray dog ​​was left alone, it should be provided with water and possibly dog ​​food if possible. Especially on hot days, lack of water poses a huge health risk.

6. Step – care: If your four-legged friend cannot be taken to an animal shelter or veterinarian on your own, you must stay by your side until an informed agency arrives and finally accepts you.

Downed dog: which office should I report?

In principle, dogs are subject to mandatory registration, this also applies to lost dogs. That’s why you can’t just take your four-legged friend home with you.

First of all, the find should be reported to the relevant authorities.

In this case, victims can apply to various bodies that can offer the assistance they need in this situation or at least refer them to others.

  • animal shelter
  • Animal Welfare Association
  • lost and found
  • regulatory body
  • police
  • Fire Department
  • veterinarian

In the best case, the owner has already reported the loss of the dog, and therefore it can be quickly returned to its familiar environment.

If the animal is visibly injured, the police should be reported before the visit to the veterinarian so as not to be left with the cost of treatment.

Good to know: The obligation to register means that anyone who wants to keep a dog that is at least three months old must register it with the relevant municipality or city and pay the dog tax. Failure to comply with this requirement is an administrative offense for which a fine may be imposed.

Caring for a found dog

A found dog can only be legally adopted if the owner does not report it or cannot find it after six months.

A found dog can only be legally adopted if the owner does not report it or cannot find it after six months. © 123рф/nariart

You may only take care of an animal after it has been reported that it has been found, until such time as the actual owner informs. The prerequisite for this, of course, is that you are able to handle the situation. Caring for an animal comes with a certain amount of responsibility.

Even if the support is temporary, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I adapt my daily life to the needs of the dog?
  • Are there people in the house who are allergic to animal dander?
  • Can I get rid of the dog again if the owner contacts me?
  • Do I have the necessary knowledge to properly care for a dog?

If the four-legged friend gains trust in the finder, it is likely that it will be a less stressful option for him to look after the animal. However, this is not mandatory and should not be required of anyone.

Stuck Dog: Tips for Finding an Owner

Around 300,000 dogs and cats run away every year in Germany.

Around 300,000 dogs and cats run away every year in Germany. © 123рф/vitaliukr

If a found animal is temporarily cared for within your own four walls, it is recommended that you not only report the found animal, but also become active yourself and look for the actual owner of the dog. In many cases, these measures can greatly contribute to the rapid reunification of the dog and the mistress or owner.

Tip one: This is a fairly well-established and promising method. Attaching Information Sheets. This can be done, for example, at bus stops, in shops, at street lamps and trees in the immediate vicinity of the location, or along common footpaths in green areas. In this case, it is useful to describe the found dog as accurately as possible and attach a photo.

Tip 2: In addition to information booklets and posters, you can also Advertisements in local newspapers be switched.

Tip 3: You must keep your eyes and ears open and yourself check missing persons reports. You can also ask veterinarians, animal shelters, or shops nearby if dogs have been reported looking for them.

Tip four: useful points of contactwho can always be consulted for more information are the pet registries TASSO e. V., FINDEFIX and Ifta.

Conclusion: Dogs that have been lost or found require special attention and should be returned to their natural environment as quickly as possible.

Cover photo: 123RF/evdoha

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