The smartest dog breeds

The smartest dog breeds

Types of dog intelligence.

When it comes to canine intelligence, there are different types. adaptive intelligencewho is responsible for training the dog and offering solutions to problems that arise.

On the other hand, instinctive intelligenceis innate in dogs, is closely linked to genetics, and has a lot to do with the abilities and tasks that dog can perform.

According to experts, there is a third type of intelligence called functional intelligence and it also depends on the genetics of the dog and its background in relation to the breed, the publication it receives, the job or duties it has if it learns from humans, etc.

smartest dog breeds

There are owners who give priority to choosing an animal depending on intelligence. Below you will get acquainted with the most intelligent and attentive types of dogs.

Border Collie

If we love animals, then we probably know this characteristic black and white sheepdog breed. dog with great attitudepredisposition to training, very active (physically and mentally), requiring a lot of attention, etc.

This breed has been a herding, therapy and guard dog for decades, so these memories are stored in its genetics. Needs very active owners, able to develop their mental abilities.

For this very active dog, a simple ball game can be boring, he needs more activities like hiding the ball and finding it, playing games of ingenuity like learning to open boxes and saving objects, teaching him to protect our son, among other activities. . No wonder it is considered the smartest dog in the world.

Poodle among the smartest dogs


This puppy, which looks like a precious and adorable lamb, which children fall in love with so much, Considered one of the smartest dogs in the world.. A dog willing to learn in exchange for sweets and perform countless tricks thanks to his great agility.

Also, the best thing about the Poodle, unlike the Collie, is that it has a calm, friendly and very affectionate nature. Border too, but this is a very nervous dog that does not stand still.

The poodle will depend on the environment in which it grows up, so it will be calm or naughty. Training a dog is necessary, apart from training its mind and body, it is the only way to live together in harmony.

German Shepherd

One of the smartest dogs we can share our days with. A wonderful breed from the first day, which looks into our eyes until the last.

The German Shepherd has very good mental abilities.starting with their endless patience with children, their ability to be, the security they convey, their beauty and the bond that is achieved with this breed.

The only bad thing is hip dysplasia. From here, we recommend that you adopt rather than buy, and if it is a German Shepherd or a cross between the breed, your best bet is to have several veterinarians analyze your hip and operate on it so you can have a decent life.

Golden retriever

We are not wrong when we say that this is one of the most intelligent dogs of our time, and we are not lying when we say that this is one of the most valuable puppies in the world.

What is good about this breed is that capable of handling almost any taskThey may even develop the ability to help people and learn from them. His outgoing, calm and affectionate nature makes him one of the ideal therapy and work dogs.

This is one of the best dogs for families with children, yes it should be taken into account that its fur has a certain daily and weekly devotion, that it needs to be physically and mentally stimulated and that regular veterinary check-ups are necessary.

doberman in profile


A majestic dog that makes an impression, but when we are lucky enough to live with it, we realize that it is a loving bear with a “bad” face.

The same thing is happening here This is a very smart dog He is beautiful to the point of blindness, he is one of the most beautiful puppies, but although he is cheap to keep, because he is a very healthy breed, it is necessary to do routine checks, feed good food, stimulate his mind, exercise daily physical activity, etc.

What’s great about the Doberman is that it’s a very sensitive dog that she gets along with easily, is very smart, loves to observe and is able to learn and help, she adapts very well to change and is not very demanding in her time. day . Despite its appearance, it is a calm dog (needs training and education) and gets along very well with families.


One of the most famous dogs in the world. A breed that has been popular for centuries, but is still a breed with a propensity for many diseases.

This is a very sociable dog that loves quiet play, long walks and caring for others. They are very obedient and submissive, have great patience and excellent skills for almost any task, which is why they are used as therapy dogs, to help the blind and disabled, as therapy dogs in prisons and others.

Because of him predisposition to obesity and bone problems, their diet should be very specific and strict. If we are going to get a Labrador or a mix of this breed, we should consult with a veterinarian what kind of food is best for him.

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