These are the 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world.

These are the 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world.

There are hundreds of different dog breeds that can be found around the world, each with their own history, personality and characteristics. Breeds, among which are also the local Spanish breeds of dogs, and among which we can find large, medium and small dogs, with more or less hair, more obedient or stubborn, more or less active, some of the most intelligent and others ideal for living in a family or even in apartments… When it comes to prices, there are dog breeds in the world with very high prices.

Prices, which in this case vary depending on the genetics, pedigree of the animal, its beauty, characteristics, character, color or even fashion… Introducing the ten most expensive dogs in the world.

These are the 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world.

1. Samoyed (1000 – 1500 euros)

This is a dog descended from semi-nomadic Samoyedic peoples who emigrated from Asia to Siberia. This is a very resistant breed to the harsh climate of the Siberian lands, and in these cities they were used to pull sleds, hunt and herd cattle. It is also a very family dog, independent, friendly, intelligent, strong-willed, stable, and also one of the oldest dog breeds.


2. Akita Inu (1000-4000 euros)

Akita Inu is an ancient Japanese breed., which even for many Japanese is considered sacred. Inu means “dog” in Japanese, and Akita is the area from which it comes. Affectionate, sweet, courageous animal, protective of himself and a very good dog for life with children. In the past this breed was used as a hunting dog and later became a companion dog. Such is his loyalty to his owners that he also became famous for waiting for his deceased owner even after his death, inspiring the movie Always by Your Side, Hachiko.

Akita Inu

3. Dogo Argentino (1000-6000 euros)

Athletic, strong, protective, loyal and rather suspicious of strangers and with a great prey drive. Here’s how to determine the temperament of the Dogo Argentino, another of the most expensive breeds in the world. This dog was developed for hunting big game. and in some countries it is cataloged as a PPP dog, but socialized from an early age, with constant exercise and good training, it can be the most loyal, obedient and affectionate dog.

dogo argentino

4. Tibetan mastiff (600-1300 euros)

This breed comes from Tibet and is one of the largest and most expensive breeds in the world. It is often used as a livestock guard dog, but because it is also protective, affectionate and independent dog, is also used as a companion dog, although it sometimes tends to be stubborn and stubborn. This is not the best dog for life with children, as it does not always tolerate screaming and playing well.

Tibetan mastiff

5. English Bulldog (1500-2000 euros)

The English Bulldog is originally from the United Kingdom and This is a sweet, reliable dog, ideal for life with children, obedient and reliable.. An ideal family pet that will constantly demand the attention of their owners, and can also be a good guard dog, as they retain the original boldness of their upbringing when they were used for bullfighting in the past, which, fortunately, was banned in the 19th century. century.

English bulldog

6. Chow-chow (1000 – 8000 euros)

The Chow Chow is also considered one of the most expensive dogs in the world. one of the oldest dogs, originally from Mongolia and northern China. Although Chow Chows are not usually sociable dogs or extroverts, they are quite intelligent dogs, independent and with a strong guard dog instinct, which is due to their origins as guard dogs in homes and livestock. They require early socialization with other dogs, pets, and people, as they can be aggressive or withdrawn with strangers.

chow chow

7. Saluki (1000 – 2500 euros)

The Saluki is also among the most expensive breeds in the world.. This beautiful and elegant greyhound comes from the Middle East, where this animal can only be given as a gift and is a symbol of honor. It is slender built, strong, agile and was used as a hunting and racing dog in the past. It is currently used as a companion dog in Europe, especially because of its sweet, calm, intelligent and independent nature.


8. Pharaoh Hound (1000-6000 euros)

Belongs to the greyhound group and is medium in size, pharaoh hound is a very ancient breed It is believed that during the time of the emperors of Egypt it was used as a hunting dog and in fact bears a strong resemblance to the dogs depicted in Egyptian paintings. However, its origin has not yet been established with certainty, but it is believed to come from Egypt or Malta. This is a dog that needs a lot of exercise, it also does not tolerate cold well and has the character of an affectionate, cheerful and intelligent dog. This is a very rare breed and there are actually very few records of puppies of this breed in Spain.

pharaoh hound

9. Rottweiler (1000 – 7000 euros)

Although its origin is unknown, it is believed that they arrived in Europe with the Roman army and it is a dog related to the Molossian Mastiff Dog. Throughout history they have been used as herding, fighting and guard dogs. It is a muscular, strong and intelligent guard dog. Even though he doesn’t like strangers, He is a calm and trusting dog with his own, but also very protective.


10. Canadian Eskimo (1000 – 7000 euros)

Hardworking, friendly, energetic, but is also aggressive with dogs outside of its pack. This dog lives in the Arctic Circle and is probably also one of the oldest dogs, estimated to be 4,000 years old. It was originally used as a guard, hunting and sled dog and is very similar in appearance to wolves despite not having significant traits in its genes. This is a smart and courageous breed, but it constantly challenges its owners without obeying them, so it is very important that the owner is a good leader.

canadian eskimo

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