These are the dog breeds that smell the most

These are the dog breeds that smell the most

Of all the existing dog breeds, some are more popular in Spain than others. However, it is important to take into account certain characteristics of the dog when adopting it. For example, it may be that a dog breed has a strong body odour, which can be a coexistence problem if you are extremely sensitive to odors. In many cases, the strongest smell of a dog is completely normal, as it is part of his nature, and we must respect him. Here we are talking to you what dog breeds smell the most.

10 dog breeds with the strongest body odor

1. Sharpei

The Shar Pei is one of the oldest dog breeds in existence. It is a hybrid of the English Mastiff and other Scandinavian breeds, which is several centuries old. For a long time Shar Pei was considered a delicacy in China. and the ban on their use as pets in that country almost led to the extinction of the breed. According to Animal Expert: “His skin, full of wrinkles, requires vigilance to avoid problems such as fungus or bacterial infections.” And it takes time to properly clean it.


2. Newfoundland

Newfoundland got its name because this is Breed of dog which was originally bred for use as working dog on the fishermen of Dominion of Newfoundland, now part Canada. This is one of those large dogs that can reach 70 kg of weight. This is one of those dogs that has a strong smell. “because of his thick, thick, greasy coat.”


3. Great Vendée Griffon

The Vendée Griffon is a breed of hunting dog that originated in France and has existed since the 16th century. and was the first of griffins sell us growing up. Similarly, its smell can become very strong due to its physical characteristics. layer of his fur. In the words of an animal expert: “It is divided into upper, rough, and inner, thick and soft. This coat helps withstand inclement weather like rain, but also requires frequent grooming to avoid dog odor.”

4 Bourbon Pointer

The Bourbon Pointer is a French breed of hunting dog descended from the Bourbonnet. According to Animal Expert, “This is another dog breed that smells bad. due to the amount of fat in his thick mantle.”

bourbon pointer

5. Italian spinon

The Italian Spinone or Espinone is a breed of dog native to Italy used as a hunting dog. As the name suggests, it hails from Piedmont. This is a very old breed of dog with a very obedient temperament. Similarly, they are tolerant, obedient and calm. Spinons have a very strong body odor and besides, they tend to fill up with mucus.

6 Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a breed of dog that belongs to the bloodhound group. Them The character is friendly, loyal and intelligent. In fact, they are very good companion dogs and can also get along peacefully with dogs of other breeds. Just like the others, AnimalWised tells us that among the possible health concerns: “He is among the dog breeds that smell bad. for his body fatwhich can lead to seborrhea causing strong body odour.”

basset hound

7 Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a breed of dog originating from Newfoundland, in what is now Canada. It is one of the most popular breeds in the world due to the number of registered specimens. This is a hardworking, persistent, obedient dog with a quick learner. In the beginning, they were used to retrieve items from hunters, but later they were also used as guard dogs, guide dogs, or even to detect bombs. Interestingly, we have to be careful about his body odor, as due to characteristics of its very greasy coatThey can smell very strong.

Labrador retriever

8. Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel this is Breed of dog from England. There are two varieties: the English Cocker Spaniel and the American Cocker Spaniel, which is an adaptation of the English Cocker Spaniel. They also tend to seborrhea. The more sebum, the stronger the dog’s body odor.

Cocker Spaniel

9 Irish Setters

The Irish Setter is a breed of setter dogs that has two variants: the original was white and red, and the later one was only red. Fromhe irish setter stresses intense red colorwhat This is completely characteristic of the breed, as well as its extremely soft and delicate coat. They also have a stronger body odor because of his oily mantle.

irish setter

10 German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most commonly used dogs for grazing, protecting places and animals and even homes. This happens because it race with many mental attributes, physical and cognitive. For this reason, he is included in the list of the most intelligent dogs. In addition, it is curious that they are also dogs that usually have a strong body odor due to their Salty hair. In addition, they have tendency to seborrhea,

German Shepherd

When is smell a sign of illness?

Sometimes an odor can be a symptom or a sign that something is going on. While sometimes a strong odor is normal, other times it can be a sign that the dog is going through some kind of pathology. Among other things health problemsthe most frequent are the following:

– Mouth problems

– skin problems

– Ear problems

– Hypothyroidism

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