These are the fastest dog breeds.

These are the fastest dog breeds.

In Spain, dogs are the main pets. There are many dog breeds what we can see, among them some are considered very fast, in the case of some types of greyhounds… In fact, four different types of greyhounds are included in the ranking of dogs that can run very fast. There are other dogs you will be surprised by how much energy they have and how many km/h they can go. Do you know how to make a list of the 10 fastest dog breeds? Here we will tell you what they are.

10 fastest dog breeds

1. Greyhound

The Greyhound tops the list of the fastest dogs in the world, as it can reach 72 km/h Therefore, this considered the fastest dog in the world. This Greyhound is also known as the English Greyhound. However, he is not from England, but from Egypt. He has the perfect body to run a lot. “Deep chest that allows it to accommodate a large heart, a long and flexible back, long legs, a streamlined head, and a muscular yet lean body,” Animal Expert reports.


2. Saluki

The Saluki, commonly known as Persian greyhound or royal dog of Egyptperhaps the oldest known breed of domestic dog and the oldest of the greyhounds. He is the second fastest dog in the world in sprinting and running. it can reach 67 km/h.


3 Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is beaglethis is dog hunting, in this case Afghanistan. There it was used for hunting in deserts and mountains. As is often the case with hunting dogs, It is very fast and reaches 40 mph In terms of their appearance, they have a typical greyhound physique (lean and agile), but stand out for their highly stylized fur, which gives them an unrivaled appearance. In any case, this coat requires careful care.

afghan hound

4. Vizslas

Vizsla is dog breed originally from Hungary. It is a hunting dog that has been used for hunting for a long time. Now it is mainly a house pet, medium-sized and short-haired. This is a very active dog, so it requires daily exercise and is endowed with musculature. It is also very fast and can reach 64 km/hlike the Afghan hound.


5. Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a breed of dog bred in the United Kingdom and developed based on the Standard of the Working Club of Australia. This is a very intelligent dog, with a wonderful temperament, very proud, cheerful and playful, which is also distinguished your attention, vigilance and courage. Also very fast, which may surprise some people due to the fact that it is a small dog. However, it can reach 61 km/h

Jack Russell Terrier

6. Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is a breed of dog that owes its name to the historical region of Dalmatia. What stands out is its coat: mottled black, liver or lemon. Are loyal, playful, intelligent, calm, friendly, and also fast, able to run at a speed of 57 km/h. However, if you are thinking about adopting a Dalmatian, keep in mind that approximately Eight percent of Dalmatians are born completely deaf, and 22 to 24 percent are born with hearing in only one ear.


7 Borzoi

In the case of the greyhound, we have a dog descendant of the Arabian greyhoundsimilar to a Russian Shepherd. Previously known as russian greyhoundoriginally bred to hunt wolves and hares. can run to 57 km/h


8. Whippet

beagle this is Breed of dog initially British, slim and elegant posture. Are dogs active and playful, physically similar to english greyhoundbut medium size. This is a hunting dog, so it is likely that he does not like to live with cats or small animals. It is also very fast and can run to 54 km/h


9 Doberman Pinscher

According to a recent study by Eötvös Lorand University, the Doberman is one of the most intelligent dogs. AS WELL ASWith very sociable, active dogs, hate loneliness and boredom. They also need a lot of physical activity and can reach 51 km/h


10 German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is also one of the most intelligent dogs. This is one of the most commonly used dogs for grazing, protecting places and animals or even houses. They are also useful for tracking drugs, which is why it is a “typical police dog”. Also, it is also fast: 48 km/h.

German Shepherd


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