This is the dog breed with the most dangerous genetic mutations.

This is the dog breed with the most dangerous genetic mutations.

dogs They are the first choice when it comes to pets. Spain. However, it must be taken into account that in recent years it has intensified. breeding and selection of purebred dogsa process that also carries risk, in particular the risk of inheriting genetic diseases. Of all the existing dog breeds, there is one carrier breed carrying the most detrimental genetic variants. Here we will tell you what it is.

Dog breed with the most mutations

A group of researchers from Uppsala University (Sweden) spent study analyze if breeding methods between pure breeds, the number of variants causing diseases in dogs. To do this, they sequenced the complete genomes of 20 dogs of eight breeds. distributed as beagle, german shepherd and golden retriever. From these studies, it was found that Cavalier King Charles Spaniel This is the dog breed with the highest number of genetic mutations.

This study showed that atSome of these mutations, in particular, are associated with myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD). What happens in this heart disease is that the mitral valve of the heart degenerates and allows blood to leak from the left ventricle into the left atrium. Research has identified two disease-associated genetic variants that appear to regulate a gene that codes for a common heart muscle protein.

According to Eric Axelsonone of the authors of this study: “A recent reproduction can lead to accelerated accumulation harmful mutations in certain dog breeds. in cavalier king charles spaniel In particular, one or more of them mutations affect the NEBL protein of the heart muscle and may predispose to it race to one disease devastating heart attack.

These problems are related to part of your history reproduction. The records suggest that small spaniel dogs They existed for about a thousand years and were very popular at the royal courts of Asia and Europe. These dogs waters experienced several “bottlenecks” in which only a small percentage of the population transferred their genes next generation.

Therefore, bottlenecks may have made harmful genes more common in the genome. water dog King Charles before the dog was recognized as a breed in 1945. Thus, the problem is related to the time when King Charles appeared.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Inheritance Problem

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – breed dog, active and cheerful temperament. Its primary function was as a pet companion, depicted in 16th century paintings. Lifespan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 9 to 14 years old.

Its history dates back to the 16th century, a small type of spaniel was quite popular among the nobility. England. People of that time believed that dogs could repel fleas, and some even believed that they could prevent stomach ailments. However, during the reigns of William III and Queen Mary II, the long-nosed spaniel style fell out of fashion. Actually, pug it was a fashionable dog in the Netherlands at the time, and thanks to William’s Dutch ancestry, it became popular in England as well. Consequently, some of the characteristics of the modern King Charles Spaniel are derived from crossbreeding with the Pug or other flat-nosed breeds.

hereditary problem What influences the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel the most is heart disease, as well as problems with the brain or spinal cord (syringomyelia), a painful and serious illness. It is estimated that about 33% of this breed suffer from it. This is mainly due to the excessive growth of the mass of the brain, that is, it does not have enough space in the skull. They also often have hereditary eye diseases and hip dysplasia.

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