Those who share a bed with pets sleep better

Those who share a bed with pets sleep better

Conflicts often arise among pet owners when it comes to whether a four-legged friend is allowed in the bedroom. If you just can’t make up your mind, you’ll be happy now: according to a study, people sleep better when they share a bed with their pets.

Many perceive the heavy breathing of animals as a deep relaxation.

Here’s how pets affect sleep

Pets usually accompany you throughout the day and are also the best friends of many people. So why treat her differently at night and not let her sleep in the same bed with you? For some people Hygienic reasons and/or setting limits speak against this.share a bedroom with four-legged friends of all stripes. But researchers at the Mayo Sleep Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona see things a little differently.

They did a study (on behalf of a mattress manufacturer) and asked people who have pets how furballs affect their sleep patterns. The first analysis showed that 66 percent of the subjects said they slept together in bed with a dog or cat.. So far, so good. But do these people automatically sleep better because their little treasure is next to them?

Of those respondents who sleep with their pets, they gave 41% say it makes them more relaxed and calm. and make it easier for them to sleep. 20 percent reported that they would be woken up more often by four-legged friends – however, these people also experienced a sense of security and safety.

Loners love to cuddle with their four-legged friends.

It was especially noticeable that single people especially like to sleep and cuddle with their pets in bed. The main thing is that next to a four-legged friend you feel less alone. Therefore, it is understandable that animal lovers feel all the more comfortable when dogs and cats sleep in their beds.

So much so that some of them would rather have their pet lying next to them than their own partner. According to the study, it’s even 58 percent! Nearly half also said they fell asleep much faster when their four-legged friend was with them. Many compared the heavy breathing of animals with noise. which are commonly used for deep relaxation. Therefore, it is not surprising that some people sleep much better when a dog or cat snores next to them.

Pets improve mental health

Several studies in the past have indicated that what benefits the mental state of people from thiswhile sleeping in bed with pets. A 2021 study also shows that four-legged friends in bed can provide better sleep for kids and teens. Another 2018 analysis confirmed that the presence of animals at night also improves psychological well-being.

In 2018, a study was also conducted in the United States involving about 900 women, which revealed an interesting result. The dog disturbed the subjects less than the partner in bed. In addition, the four-legged friends were able to give the participants a sense of security in the dark.

What to do in the end is up to each pet owner to decide. However, it is certain that this numerous positive effects happens when four-legged friends sleep with you in bed.

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