Top 10 smartest dog breeds

Top 10 smartest dog breeds

The smartest dog breeds

The intelligence of dogs has always aroused great curiosity on a social level. The testing of their abilities and abilities, both physical and mental, together with a long period of observation over many years, is one of the bases to establish the levels of intelligence in the canine world. Thus, some differences between races can be identified.

This is why there are breeds whose genetics give them a great ability to acquire knowledge, obey orders and conduct special training, such as in the case of police dogs or firefighters. However, it must be borne in mind that mestizo dogs can also be very intelligent, since this is not determined by the breed itself without additional factors and mestizo dogs have more prominent features of certain breeds. All dogs can be trained and trained to socialize well with other dogs, other animals and people. Open smartest dog breeds and what are their most outstanding skills, at OneHOWTO we encourage you to continue reading this article.

Border Collie

The Border Collie is considered smartest dog in the world. It’s a race with great learning ability in different areas. They are distinguished by the fact that they form a strong bond with their legal guardians or human companions, and also have an innate predisposition to physical exercise.

Another factor that distinguishes it from other breeds is its frequent participation in dog agility championships, which is usually one of the clear candidates for awards for excellent display of its abilities.

In this other post you can read about how to raise a Border Collie and here you will learn about the differences between a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd.

Smartest Dog Breeds - Border Collie

Golden retriever

This is one of most reliable dog breeds. he can learn a wide range of commands or commands (more than 200). He has great instinct and sensitivity, as well as a great ability to play multiple roles. In addition, Golden Retrievers are able to solve problems on their own (independent) and learn quickly. They also have the ability to understand and follow orders given by humans and remember what they learn without having to practice it often.

This breed is very affectionate and sensitive and can be trained to become a therapy dog ​​and help solve police cases. Find out here How to train and care for your golden retriever.

Smartest Dog Breeds - Golden Retriever

Labrador retriever

The intelligence of the Labrador Retriever is undeniable, in many cases it is a perfect example. guide-dog. It does not require extensive learning processes and has a great ability to adapt to family life.

For this reason, it is an ideal breed for family coexistence. As with the Golden Retriever, this is a sensitive and affectionate furry animal with an intelligence that allows him to take on the role of a pet. therapy dogas good as cooperation with the police to help resolve issues.

Here we will tell you how to train a Labrador and also what is the difference between a Labrador and a Golden Retriever.

The smartest dog breeds - Labrador Retriever


It is a breed of several sizes, from toy to giant. The Poodle is loyal, intelligent, obedient and very affectionate with his family, usually showing great affection. It has a great ability to adapt both to the rhythm of life of active people and to more sedentary people. You can even live with older people who are not very active without any problems.

Thanks to your great intelligence can learn variety of commands and tricksand do lots of exercises. For this reason, you can often see these dogs in agility competitions.

Here you can find some tips on how to care for a poodle.

The smartest dog breeds - the poodle

shetland sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog, which looks like a collie and is sometimes easily confused, is one of the smartest dogs planets, because he is able to understand the new team in less than 5 reps.

In addition, he can execute the command the first time in 95% or more cases. These figures confirm the speed of assimilation of new concepts by this breed.

Smartest dog breed - Shetland Sheepdog

German Shepherd

The fact that this is the most popular dog breed among police officers says a lot. german shepherd intelligence. It consists of a set of special traits such as curiosity, obedience, and a natural instinct for protection and mental stimulation. Therefore, he is one of breeds most used by police and security forcesas well as fire and other services.

In these other articles, you can read about how to train a German Shepherd and how to care for a German Shepherd.

Smartest Dog Breeds - German Shepherd

doberman pinscher

Ease of socialization is one of the great characteristics of the Doberman Pinscher. it smart and active breed who is trying at any cost to get away from boredom and loneliness. He enjoys being with his family and exercising. In addition to being handsome and very noble, the Doberman Pinscher has a great instinct to take care of his family, always staying alert and vigilant.

We advise you to read about how to raise a Doberman and how a Doberman differs from a Rottweiler.

Smartest Dog Breeds - Doberman Pinscher

australian shepherd dog

it loyal, bold, energetic and intelligent breed. Quickly learn the rules, orders, and drills to follow. In addition, the Australian Cattle Dog is so energetic and intelligent that it needs a process of training and education from a very early age, that is, from a very early age. If he is not brought up and trained, in the end, out of necessity, he wakes up and can himself learn to do various things that are useful for himself, what happens to everyone. dogs are very smart unless they are helped to train the mind as well as the body.

The smartest dog breeds - Australian Cattle Dog


Papillon is a breed with undeniable intelligence. He is a very wayward dog, so he always seems to want to please. Raising him is no big deal. obey and learn new commands.

Them ease of learning makes it the best companion for housework collaboration. Therefore, if you are looking for a partner at home to tidy it up and no one offers, the papillon will be at your complete disposal.

Here we will tell you how to care for Papillon.

The smartest dog breeds - Papillon


The stubbornness of the Rottweiler is one of its distinguishing features, but this does not prevent it from being very smart dog. It has a great ability to learn new commands or orders, but requires constant attention to isolate it from external stimuli, because in general it has a certain ease of dissipation. It also has good responsiveness and excellent memoryfactors that help her to be one of the smartest dog breeds.

We encourage you to get to know them better by reading about the differences between the German and American Rottweilers.

The smartest dog breeds - Rottweiler

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