Toulouse: kitten will finance the opening of the first dog bar

Toulouse: kitten will finance the opening of the first dog bar

Two young women want to open the first Canithé dog café in Toulouse this fall. They launched a kitten to complete funding for their project.

“Our dream was to go to work with our dogs, but it’s not compatible with our work.” This common desire was the starting point for the Le Canithé café project. Pauline Filhol, who has been living in Toulouse with her border collie Chewie for two years, met Claire Plegate and her beagle, Iya, on a walk. “It was love at first sight, whether it was for the dogs or us,” they say.
Mostly from organic and local products, you will be able to dine or try pastries for the rest of the day in the company of six dogs. Thus, playing with them, caressing them or contemplating them will be the keywords of this unique place.

On certain days, the cafe will be closed to visitors in order to conduct master classes in working with dogs. Available by registration for dog owners and their companions, they will be led by a tutor. It will not be possible to leave the workshop with your animal.
The café will also feature a shop dedicated to man’s best friend. “We wanted to support small brands dedicated to necklaces, croquettes or even hygiene products,” two young women explain.
“We also want to create a new adoption model.” Indeed, out of six dogs, two will initially be put up for adoption.
With the support of the Region and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse, Pauline and Claire are launching a crowdfunding campaign at the end of June to implement this project. It will be available through the Instagram account and Facebook of the Le Canithé cafe.

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