training exists in Haute-Savoie

training exists in Haute-Savoie

Haute-Savoie has a training center for first aid for dogs and cats. We went through this course with about fifteen people. Through this article, develop the right reflexes and learn the actions that can save your pet.

Let’s face it, many of us worship our pets. But how many of you have ever thought of taking a dog and cat first aid course?

This Friday, June 10, there were about fifteen of them anyway. Everything carefully, write it down. Some film the theoretical part of the course, which is read by Isabelle Woide. A training called Cani SOS 74 takes place with this former volunteer firefighter in Marsellase (Haute-Savoie).

Lessons read include how to pull an unconscious animal out of a burning garage, how to handle an injured animal on a public road, or even what to do in the event of an electric shock. It is obvious that the trainees train on soft toys, because we are not talking about injuring a healthy animal.

But the first thing to master is stress management in the face of an injured animal. “You need a special technique to approach a wounded animalExplain Isabelle Come in. Because in this case he acts only on his instincts and may not recognize his master.

And the first instinct to have is to call the vet. “We are learning the basics so we know how to respond. But the veterinarian will be able to adapt to the type of animal, its size, the environment to guide the rescuer.”

Mandatory internship according to Isabelle Woodey, because the steps to be taken to save a person are not necessarily the same as in the case of an animal. “For example, you have to react much faster in case of bleeding, because animals have much less blood. Also, you have to be a lot more careful with cat insufflation because they have very sensitive alveoli.”

Sylvain confirms. He has four dogs and works for the Humane Society (SPA). “I’ve already spent a day doing first aid to people, and it’s true that it’s very different. I find this course very helpful because I’ve had accidents before: my dog ​​was stung by a wasp, cut by barbed wire… … And there can be car accidents.”

Isabelle Enter hopes to convince a veterinarian to volunteer to help her train. For her, her training has a future, because the pet “an increasingly important factor in sustainability in people’s lives”.

Report by Fabrice Ligard and Frédéric Pasquet :

video length: 01 min 41

First Aid Training Center for Dogs and Cats

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