traveling with pets in Meininger hotels

traveling with pets in Meininger hotels


A freaking good city trip: with a dog in Meininger hotels

When the owner and mistress have another city trip, beloved pets often have to stay at home. Hotel guests with four paws are also welcome at the Meininger hotels.


At Meininger hotels, furry friends are welcome guests, and they can also find a place in the hotel room. In this way, the next trip around the city will not only be an experience for dog owners, but their companions will also learn about the benefits of new cities and what they have to offer for dogs. Meininger shows what the German cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig have in store for four-legged travelers and where owners can plan their next city trip together.

Meininger hotels welcome companion animals

The hotel chain also offers a pleasant atmosphere for four-legged guests. In addition to a warm welcome, spacious rooms and public areas, guests and their animal companions enjoy, among other things, the benefits of a shared kitchen, where there is even a washing machine for the owner and hostess if the last walk was especially dirty. . Whichever Meininger hotel guests choose, for a small surcharge of EUR 15 per animal and night, dogs, cats and other animals can enjoy their time in a private room with their owners.

Hamburg is a green paradise for dogs, where you can move a lot

There are more than a hundred official dog walking areas in the Hanseatic city. Only around the Meininger Hotel, not far from the center of Hamburg, right at the Altona train station, there are about twenty of them, i.e. B. in Emil-Wendt-Park or Walther-Möller-Park. There are also many cafes and shops where pets are allowed. At Café Milch near Landungsbrücken, dog owners can even take a picture of their pet against the wall.

Animal portraits can be found on Instagram under the hashtag #milchdogs. And if you want to cool off later in the summer, there is no shortage of suitable swimming opportunities in the port city. In addition to Elbstrand or Falkensteiner Ufer, it is worth a trip to the Eichtalpark, where the dog park offers direct access to the water.

Berlin – variety for four-legged friends too

The most beautiful and trendy areas of Berlin are ideal for walking your dog. Whether it’s Schöneberg, Grunwald or Tempelhofer Feld: there are many sports grounds for your four-legged friends in the capital. At Café Fellfreunde, Germany’s first dedicated dog café, dogs can frolic inside and out and even look forward to their own menu. Berlin also has a large number of restaurants and shops specializing in dog accessories, such as Koko by Knebel in KaDeWe.

Of the six Meininger hotels in Berlin, guests can quickly reach the famous department store from the Meininger Berlin Tiergarten. If dog owners and their four-legged friends love a light breeze blowing their noses, a boat trip on the Spree together is a good way to explore the capital from a comfortable seat on deck. Animal park, for example, provides a balance of animals – four-legged friends do not have to stay outside here.

Discover Berlin with your dog.

Frankfurt am Main – Culinary delights and culture for dogs

The main metropolis is known not only for its high density of coasts, but is also characterized by extensive parks and is therefore suitable for regular dog walks. There are more than 27 dog walking areas throughout the city, for example in Grüneburgpark, Hutpark or right on the banks of the Main. Four-legged friends have fun at the Schnauz & Schnurr ice cream shop, which offers delicious lactose- and sugar-free dog ice cream. Dogs are also allowed in Frankfurt Zoo Kobelt and welcome visitors.

Leipzig – Meadow as far as the dog’s eye can see

The Leipzig Dog Park is less than a 30-minute walk from the Meininger Hotel at Leipzig Central Station and is one of Germany’s largest dog runs. In a fenced area with a total area of ​​35,000 square meters, people and animals can run and have fun. If you still prefer to go to the water, you can visit the dog beaches at Kulkwitzer or Kospudener See. There are many cafes and restaurants that allow dogs to stay for a break, but in some cases you should check the information in advance.

Munich – sun, sea and spa for animal welfare

Centuries-old buildings, hearty food and the Alps in front of the door – the capital of the Bavarian state is worth a visit at any time of the year. In many green spaces, such as the English Garden or West Park, four-legged friends must be kept on a leash, but there is still plenty of variety and exercise due to the many specially marked areas within city limits. Especially in summer, thanks to the numerous swimming spots and lakes in and around Munich, there are ideal opportunities for a relaxing day with your dog by the water.

Even fur noses feel at home in Meininger hotels.

Dogs are also welcome guests at Hellabrunn Zoo and the Botanical Garden. Those who prefer walking in the city center can give their companion animal a relaxing break at the Munich Dog Salon or the Dog House.

About Meininger Hotels

The hybrid concept of the Meininger hotels combines the service and comfort of an international budget hotel with exceptional facilities such as a B. guest kitchen and play area. Each hotel stands out for its excellent value for money, central location, high quality furnishings and flexible room structure. Rooms range from classic double rooms to individual multi-bed rooms and beds in dormitories.

The individual design of each hotel reflects the character of the local environment and inspires different target groups. Meininger operates more than 30 hybrid hotels across Europe in cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome and Vienna.

Discover hotels in the most interesting cities in Europe right now.

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