Trelawn: the castle returns to the blessing of the animals for Saint Hubert

Trelawn: the castle returns to the blessing of the animals for Saint Hubert

After a two-year cancellation due to Covid-19, Saint Hubert Mass was again held this Sunday at the Château de Trelon. Organized by the riders of the Val d’Elpe Horse Group who also suggested other activities.

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The riders of the Val d’Helpe cavalry group have returned. according to tradition, this Sunday at the castle of Merode in Trelawn under the spring sun. Since 1994, they have indeed met at various events, including the long-awaited Mass of St. Hubert.

Canceled for two years… due to Covid-19. Therefore, hundreds of people returned to attend Father Pierre Elio’s service. A celebration to the sound of the trumpets of the Westrod Rally, which always ends with the blessing of the dogs and horses. In the past, it was mainly about game animals, but over time they have given way, among other things, to the pets of individuals. From all races.

Group president Bernard Collin also gave some details about these celebrations to ” don’t mistake us for unbelievers “: ” Usually this Saint Hubert is celebrated on November 3rd (656-727, patron saint of hunters), but we chose a date in June because this is a non-hunting period and we can invite children to our events. “.

In the afternoon, after the results of the Concours d’Elegance and a rustic lunch, walks in the forest were offered, as well as acquaintance with domestic animals thanks to volunteers from the Sud-Avesnois Poultry Association (AASA).

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