Where to go: Three Dog Walking Parks at CDMX

Where to go: Three Dog Walking Parks at CDMX

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Surely on a weekend or day off you want to get out of the house and have fun or experience adventures, so In hour We will tell you about three places where you can go for a walk accompanied one of the creatures you love the most, that’s right, it’s your pet.

dogs they have become one of the most beloved pets because they are gentle, mischievous and beautiful which is why we humans love them so much so if you are the kind of person who loves to walk their dog, these parks will become your favorite place.

And in the fact that there are more and more spaces that are friends with these gentle creatures, for example, there are places that you can visit with your home pet and there are even shops you can go to with your puppy. Definitely These little animals have firmly entered our lives.

Three dog walking parks at CDMX

Tamayo Park: This space is located inside Bosque de Chapultepec and is one of the favorite places for owners to walk their dogs. It is a wide space with lots of grass and trees. Many dogs can be found there, so if your little friend is outgoing, this will be his perfect place.

Park to go with your pet.
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park mexico: This place is perfect for walking with your pet as it has an exclusive area for dogs. Although not very big, if it’s the right size for your dog to play with other little friends, it’s located on Mexico City Avenue, in the Condesa Hippodrome.

sunken park: In the south of the city you can find this park where you can walk your dog, the place is quiet so it is perfect for pets that are not very social, it is located in Insurgentes Sur.

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