Why do dogs stick together after mating?

Why do dogs stick together after mating?

Why do dogs stick together after mating? We explain in detail the reasons why this happens in your pets.

Why do dogs stick together after mating? This is a question that may arise for those who have dogs and decide to cross them. dog mating process more complex than we think, and that is why events occur that could cause confusion.

Possibly the act of staying dogs on hook seems strange to us or that we think something is going wrong. However, this is perfectly normal and biological process of our pets. Remember that their instinct drives them to act accordingly.

Before answering the question why do dogs stay together after mating?, we need to understand some of the processes that precede mating. copulation of dogs.

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why do dogs stick together after mating
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Signs that a dog is in heat

Estrus is the stage at which the female is ready to mate. make friends with a dog. If you have a bitch, you will know that your dog is in heat because she will be very loving will be with family restless and may show more desire than usual, go outside

Also, you will notice that You will urinate much more frequently. This is done for the purpose spread their pheromones and attract the male. When he succeeds, mating will occur between them.

Why do dogs stick together after mating?

Once the dogs are collected and ready to mate, the process begins, which can take from 30 minutes to an hour to complete. We must take into account that in order for a dog to complete the process of ejaculation, it must go through three phases. This process is known as fractional part and split like this:

  1. urethral fraction. Occurs at the beginning of penetration. In it, the dog vomits the first semen-free liquid.
  2. Sperm fraction. In this phase, the dog spews a second ejaculation, this time filled with semen. Similarly, the bulb of the penis increases in size due to venous compression of the penis. This is when the male turns around, dismounts with the female, but both stay together.
  3. prostate fraction. In this phase, the dog has a third ejaculation with a reduced sperm count. This is commonly referred to as button fastening. When the bulb of the penis relaxes, the dogs disperse and the copulation process ends.

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Should I separate my dog ​​in case he gets caught during copulation?

Don’t do it, otherwise you can damage it just like any other pet. Remember that the separation process we just described is completely natural to dogs. You must let the couple open up in safe and comfortable environment which allows you to carry out the process according to your instinct.

Sometimes the female groan or make noises which make us think he is suffering. This is completely normal. Dogs naturally act on their own reproductive instincts. Relax, just be careful to make sure everything goes smoothly and provide your pet with the necessary care after the mating process is complete.


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