Woman quit her comfortable job to become a home psychic

Woman quit her comfortable job to become a home psychic

Picture : "Woman quit her comfortable job to become a home psychic"

Communication with animals consists of connecting with the soul of the animal to create a telepathic connection that allows information to be transmitted through sights, smells, noises, physical senses, and emotional sensations. A true dog and cat lover, Nikki Vasconesa has given up everything to devote herself to a new job.

Nikki Vasconez 33 years old, lives in Philadelphiaable Pennsylvania to United Statesand is not afraid to accept your choice. She shares her life with her spouse Michael and also his 2 poodles Donald7 years and Merlin8 years.

Until 2021, the girl was a lawyer specializing in real estate law. She held a position with a comfortable salary of 70,000 euros a year, but was not happy. “I left the house at 6 am and did not return until 6:30 pm. I even had car accidents because I was physically and mentally exhausted.”she said Underground.

In September 2020 Nikki communication with self-taught animals. “This practice is not a gift, it is a skill and a muscle that needs to be developed”explained Nikki before adding: “I started training for free on my family’s and friends’ pets and some foreign dogs and cats, but once I created social media accounts I caught on and the requests weren’t long in coming”.

Change of direction

Nikki so he quit his job to devote himself 100% to his new calling. An animal psychic always organizes her 2 daily sessions in the same way: she settles in a quiet room, studies a photo of her patient and telepathically asks him a series of questions. “When I communicate with animals, sometimes images flash before my eyes or I hear certain phrases”said Nikki.

The young woman then writes down the “answers” on her smartphone to relay to the silent owners. “I was talking to Peter the Labrador Retriever who mentioned a door in his family’s kitchen that was constantly eating and driving his mother crazy. Her husband’s jaw dropped as he listened to the recording because it was absolutely accurate. It’s so much fun when it happens”said Nikki.

An animal communicator usually works with cats and dogs, but can also extend his practice to horses, birds, and rodents. She charges €326 for each session, which has allowed her to earn the same salary as when she was a lawyer while satisfying her passion.

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